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Dylan Evans Weiler joins Finlandia’s International School of Art & Design

October 4, 2017

Finlandia University’s International School of Art & Design has welcomed Dylan Evans Weiler as Assistant Professor of Studio Arts/Intermedia. After several years spent living and working in southern California, Houston, Seattle, Portland, Grand Rapids and Interlochen, Weiler is returning to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Dylan Evans Weiler at Finlandia University in Michigan“Returning to Michigan has provided the opportunity to reconnect and establish a new sense of place in this natural environment,” said Weiler, who earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Northern Michigan University, which is located about two hours southeast of FinnU. “The Upper Peninsula is a unique place and being back in the area that I began my artistic journey has had a profound effect.”

Weiler started at the university in August, and has made an immediate impact.

“Dylan was the perfect addition to the ISAD faculty,” said Denise Vandeville, dean of the school. “He brings to our school a blend of traditional skills and contemporary media practice, essential for training creatives in the 21st century.”

After earning his BFA from NMU, Weiler earned his Master of Fine Arts from Laguna College of Art and Design. His primary focus during his studies was on painting, but his practice includes a diverse set of media including printmaking, historical photographic process, sound and installation to name just few.

“First and foremost, I sought out training as a figure painter, but my practice is now more of an intersection of many other media with that foundation of painting,” said Weiler, hinting to what it means to study intermedia. “Intermedia is a cross section of many different forms of art. When my work goes into a gallery space, it’s a full experience, bringing together traditional and new media to create a more engaging experience for the audience.”

focus on art history for Dylan Evans Weiler

During his first semester, Weiler is teaching drawing fundamentals, painting, and a history of art course. The courses form a great basis for an aspiring artist.

“My whole teaching philosophy is to introduce history into all classes,” he said. “It’s important to realize how and why art was created in the past, and what a contemporary artistic practice looks like. We’re always discussing how different media influence the message of the work of art, and what your conveys when you’re making it, even from the beginning stages.”

Reflections Gallery

In addition to Weiler’s role as an instructor, he will serve as the advisor for the student-run Reflections Gallery. The gallery is located on the second floor of the Jutila Center and his home to monthly receptions during the academic year.

“That’s a great experience for our students,” said Weiler, who played a key part in managing the gallery at Northern Michigan University while completing his undergraduate studies. “It provides students with experience and knowledge not only applicable to careers for artists after school but shows students what it looks like to be a professional artist.

“Through the first couple of weeks I’ve been settling in nicely, and the new students I’ve met have been great. We have a group that is enthusiastic about what they’re about to undertake.”

Dylan Evans Weiler can be reached via e-mail at dylan.weiler@finlandia.edu.

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