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Alum looking for support with Kickstarter campaign

February 26, 2016

Popular web comic Spidersilk looking to print volume 1

Finlandia University alum Pamela Kotila is looking for support for her Kickstarter campaign “Spidersilk Comic Volume 1.” The campaign is looking to raise a total of $2,600 by the end March 2.

“I’ve been publishing Spidersilk online for more than four years, and am now working to get it into print,” said Kotila, a 2010 graduate of Finlandia University’s International School of Art & Design.

Spidersilk is an ongoing webcomic currently in chapter seventeen.

“It’s fantasy/romance/comedy/adventure,” Kotila said. “Spidersilk is a woman-friendly, queer comic with a diverse cast. I believe representation and our intersecting identities are important, and it is necessary to reflect the diversity of our reality in our media.

“Even the media with armor and dragons. Especially that media.”

The decision to start the Kickstarter campaign came down it it being the right time.

“Spidersilk is at a point where there are enough pages, more than enough, to put out a sizeable volume one,” she said. “In fact, volume two may be hot on its heels since the frequency of updates has nearly tripled since it debuted in 2011. Kickstarter campaigns are a wonderful way to help independent creators release content. Even if comics are not to your liking, you can still support such work by pledging in a lower tier. Every dollar helps.”

Spidersilk is not for younger readers. More information is available on the Kickstarter link. The first volume will contain chapters one through nine, retouched and slightly edited for print, as well as some bonus content. Those who pledge will receive an additional gift depending on how much they pledge.

The support the campaign visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/137764854/spidersilk-comic-volume-1

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