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Adverse weather conditions, excused absence and cancelled classes

January 17, 2018

Winter in the Copper Country is beautiful and can be a lot of fun, but it can also be inconvenient and dangerous. Even those of us who have lived here for years often forget to prepare for the inevitable. You need to plan ahead! Below are some tips on how to best handle winter, and also a reminder on the university’s policies regarding excused absences and cancelled classes caused by adverse weather conditions.

Four Tips for Thriving in Winter

  • If you live in the residence hall, you have it pretty easy. But you still need to think about a good pair of boots and warm clothing to walk to class, especially to the Jutila Center. If you park your car in the overnight lot, you need to keep it dug out and move it every day to enable crews to plow the lot.
  • Commuters should make sure they have reliable transportation. If your car’s not up to the task, you might consider using public transportation. Keep a snow shovel in your trunk along with some sand, road salt or kitty litter for traction and an emergency blanket for warmth.
  • Allow extra time in the morning because it’s gonna happen — the plow is going to go by and bury the end of your driveway just before you leave for class. We want you to arrive to campus in one piece, so it’s better to be late than end up in a ditch. If you do get stuck, never keep your car running. If the exhaust tailpipe is blocked, you could have carbon monoxide entering the car.
  • Don’t forget to notify your instructors that day when you can’t make it in. You are allowed make up the assignments, but it’s up to you to make the arrangements.

Excused Absence

Students who are unable to attend class due to adverse weather conditions will be provided with an excused absense and are permitted to make up missed assignments. Students missing class for this reason must contact their instructors that day, if possible, to make arrangements for making up missed assignments.

Cancellation/Delay of Classes

Factors affecting our decision to cancel/delay/dimiss classes include snowfall amounts, temperature, wind affecting visibilities, road conditions, and road closings. The decision will also include campus offices and the Maki Library. If it becomes necessary to cancel, dismiss early, or delay classes due to adverse weather conditions, Finlandia will give notification by the following means:

  • Text alert from campus security (to sign up for this service-FREE- Text the word “fualert” to the number 33733).
  • An e-mail will be sent to all students and employees.
  • A notification will be on the Finlandia University website.
  • Posts will be made on official Finlandia University social media accounts.
  • Local media including all local radio and television.

Note: Instructors are permitted to schedule make-up class sessions as needed to ensure sufficient instructional contact hours are met.

Have a safe and fun winter!

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