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Big Think Video Library  – “All video lessons feature a prominent thought leader and human-centered instructional design to make learning engaging and easy. From complex decision making to emotionally intelligent leadership, these dynamic learning programs are short-form, mobile, and designed to help organizations get smarter, faster.” (from bigthink.com/plus) Videos include transcript, link for embedding and links for social media. 

Brightstorm – Math and Science short form videos from professors around the United States. Includes transcripts. 

CosmoLearning – Collection of around 2,000 documentaries, mainly in the area of History, Anthropology, Government, Religion and the Social Sciences. Includes videos from BBC, CBC, Australia and more. 

DNAtube – Descriptive science videos, collection of 23,000 videos and animations. 

FreeMedicalVideos.com – Large collection of animations, surgical procedures and lectures.  Organized by discipline: Anatomy, Microbiology, Nursing, Procedures for Nursing students, Physical exams, tips for Nursing students study. Physical Therapy is included but not listed as a category. 

GeekyMedics – YouTube Channel- United Kingdom based. Short form videos on procedures, physical exams and assessments, anatomy and physiology. Both animated and live recordings. 

Healthtalk.org – “Thousands of people have shared their experiences on film to help you understand what it’s like to have a health condition such as breast cancer or arthritis. Find out more through our search bar, or the list of health conditions on the A-Z menu.” (front page description) Includes some psychological disorders such as Eating Disorders and Depression. Each video includes an embed code and transcript. Also includes links to national and international organizations and handouts via Resources for each topic area. 

Internet Archive Movie Archive – Total collection includes over 8 million titles. Cultural & Academic Films include university and museum film collections, special topic collections like B.F. Skinner, PBS Health. TV show collections from various time periods, countries and news outlets. 

Internet Archive Audio Archive – Music sound libraries also available, includes Audio books and Poetry, Folk music, radio shows and tv advertising jingles. 

Library of Congress– Almost 9,000 films (short and long format) covering both historical topics along with contemporary topics. All available online via the LOC website.

Library of Congress via YouTube– Smaller collection than the LOC website, includes closed captioning and embedding features.

Congress.gov– US Government’s office House and Senate videos, includes tutorial videos for finding what you need.

MathTV.com – Includes math fundamentals through Calculus. Spanish language and closed captioning option available for most videos.  

MEDTube.net – “MEDtube is the largest social eLearning platform for 300,000+ professionals sharing 25,000+ videos, courses, images, documents and webinars” (front page description) Created by MedEDTech a medical education company and publisher of the MedTube Science journal. Based in Europe. 

OnlineMedEd.org – Tailored for medical students, includes Psychology. Videos include quizzes

PBS NOVA – Primary subjects of science, technology, history, engineering and math. Short video collection also available. Interactive tutorials on popular subjects like chemical reactions, embryo development and climate change.  Education page allows searching by subject area for all resources including videos. 

PBS Video Collection Health – Includes mental health. Easy to navigate, almost 2000 videos clips less than 10 minutes long. Includes transcripts and Closed Captioning. Not all videos are permanently available. 

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