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Our official name is Finlandia University.
To ensure recognition beyond our geographic region, the first reference of the University’s name should always be “Finlandia University.”

The second reference should be “Finlandia.”
FinnU is approved abbreviation.
Suomi is approved for use in alumni-related events and relations as well as merchandise sold by Northwind Books.

Do NOT use “FU,”  “FinU,” or any other unapproved form of the University name.
This applies to all references of the University including use in email, letters, forms, phone messages, signs, advertising, and apparel.

Finlandia University Logos

The Finlandia University logo is type-based and simplistic in nature. Below are copies of the Finlandia University logo. If you need a specific size or file type of the logo, please contact university communications staff. To save one of these files, either right click and press “Save Image As” or drag it to your desktop.

The Primary logos

Either of these two versions should be used in all media where color is present.


The Secondary logos

The following versions should be used in all media where ink options are limited.

Finlandia Logo Reversed GrayscaleFinlandia Logo Reversed OutFinlandia Reversed

Finlandia Logo Grayscalefinlandia_logo_white_backgroundFinlandia Logo Blue White BG

“Where You Belong” Tagline

Where you belong Tagline Blue BGPrint

Where you belong Tagline Blue BGPrint


The logo must be scaled proportionally when being resized.

Clear space

An area free of graphics must be maintained around the logo. The clear area for both horizontal and vertical configurations is the height of the “N” in “FINLANDIA.”

Minimum size

The minimum sizes for the logos are based on legibility of the icon. The smallest the icon size should be is .5” high.

Primary Colors

The official colors of Finlandia are Finlandia blue and white with shades of gray used as accent colors.
Always use the colors specified to ensure brand consistency.

Swatch Blue

Finlandia Blue
Pantone 286
CMYK – Cyan: 100 Magenta: 60 Yellow: 0 Black: 6
RGB – Red: 0 Green: 96 Blue: 169

Swatch WhiteWhite
Pantone None
CMYK – Cyan: 0 Magenta: 0 Yellow: 0 Black: 0
RGB – Red: 255 Green: 255 Blue: 255

AnthraciteSwatch Dark Gray Anorthosite
Pantone Cool Gray 11
CMYK – Cyan: 0 Magenta: 0 Yellow: 0 Black: 85
RGB – Red: 77 Green: 77 Blue: 79


We will be posting many items here that will be useful for those managing content on our website.


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