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Finlandia University will not enroll students for the Fall 2023 semester

On Thursday, March 2, Finlandia University’s Board of Trustees announced that Finlandia will not enroll students for the 2023-2024 academic year. Announced Tuesday, March 14, Finlandia University’s Board of Trustees unanimously voted to dissolve the institution and wind up affairs in an orderly manner.

Finlandia University has finalized eight Teach-Out Agreements with Adrian College, Bay College, Michigan Technological University, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Northern Michigan University, University of Dubuque, Waldorf University, and Wartburg College. Several non-partnering institutions have also made commitments to supporting FinnU students in incredible ways. All this information and more are available on these pages.

Specific questions not answered on this website should be sent to questions@finlandia.edu.

Letter to Community from Board of Trustees – March 2, 2023

Press Release from March 2, 2023

Press Release from March 14, 2023

Important Notice:

TRANSCRIPT INFO (as of Monday, Oct 2, 2023)

Former students of Finlandia University may obtain their transcript(s) in the following ways:

Please contact the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity’s Post Secondary Schools Bureau at www.michigan.gov/pss. Scroll down to find the Transcript request instructions.

Transcripts can also be ordered directly from DiplomaSender at https://diplomasender.com/#/#%2F%23.



Course descriptions can be found under the Campus Catalog for the year the course was offered. Course Catalogs have been archived online as far back as 2008-2009. Use the content list at the left of the screen. Catalogs can be accessed at: https://www.finlandia.edu/academics/campus-catalog/ 

Upcoming Events

Employee Events

  • Thursday, May 11 | UP Michigan Works! Workshop | 11:00 am – 3:00 pm | Finn Hall Conference Room | Learn More

Past Events

  • FinnU Student Teach-Out & Transfer Fair  | Over 25 colleges and universities attended FinnU’s Student Teach-Out & Transfer Fair, with several committed to supporting FinnU students in incredible ways (accepting credits, matching financial aid/cost of attendance, etc.)
  • FinnU Employee Career Fair | Learn more about the institutions, businesses and organizations that attended the FinnU Employee Career Fair by visiting https://www.finlandia.edu/about/teachout/careerfair/
  • UP Michigan Works! Workshops | Learn More

On-Campus Student Services FAQs

Teach-Out Information

So far, FinnU has negotiated Teach-Out Agreements with the institutions listed directly below. Finlandia continues to negotiate agreements with regional institutions and will post new Teach-Out Agreements as they are finalized.

Michigan Technological University | Houghton, MI

Assistance for Finlandia Students: www.mtu.edu/finlandia
Website: www.mtu.edu
Contact: Kat Hanson | khanson1@mtu.edu | (906) 487-2622

Northern Michigan University | Marquette, MI

Information for Finlandia Students: www.nmu.edu/admissions/finlandia
Website: www.nmu.edu

Bay College | Escanaba, MI

Assistance to Finlandia Students: www.baycollege.edu/finlandia
Website: www.baycollege.edu
Contact: Amy Gibbs | amy.gibbs@baycollege.edu | (906)217-4014
Contact: Jillena Rose | jillena.rose@baycollege.edu | (906)217-4047

Adrian College | Adrian, MI

Assistance for Finlandia Students: www.adrian.edu/admissions/assistance-for-finlandia-students
Website: www.adrian.edu
Contact: Dr. Frank Hribar, Vice President of Enrollment & Student Affairs | fhribar@adrian.edu
Additional Contact: Dr. Christine Knaggs, Asst. Vice President for Academic Affairs | Contact Dr. Knaggs

University of Dubuque | Dubuque, IA

Website: www.dbq.edu
Contact: Melissa Gunnelson, senior director of admission, at 563.589.3664 or mgunnelson@dbq.edu.

Wartburg College | Waverly, IA

Assistance for Finlandia Students: www.wartburg.edu/finlandia-students/
Website: www.wartburg.edu
Primary Contact: Doug Koschmeder | doug.koschmeder@wartburg.edu
Secondary Contact: MaTina Clark | matina.clark@wartburg.edu| (319)352-8762

Waldorf University | Forest City, IA

Assistance for Finlandia Students: Waldorf Resource Guide
Louisa Montealvo, Director of Transfer and International Admissions, louisa.montealvo@waldorf.edu

PTA & Pre-PTA Only: Northeast Wisconsin Technical College | Green Bay, WI

Important Note: Non-PTA or non-Pre-PTA majors applying for admission to NWTC will be considered Transfer Students.
Website: www.nwtc.edu
PTA Website: www.nwtc.edu/academics-and-training/physical-therapist-assistant
Academic Contact: Elizabeth Martin, Academic Advisor, Elizabeth.Martin@nwtc.edu, 715-732-3872
Admissions Contact: Kelly Thompson, Campus Experience and Admissions Specialist, Kelly.Thompson@nwtc.edu, 715-735-9361

FAQs & Resources


Teach-Out vs. Transfer

Teach-Out FAQs

Financial Aid FAQs

Additional Questions?

Please email additional questions to questions@finlandia.edu

Enrolling at a Teach-Out Institution

Schedule an Appointment With Your Academic Advisor

  • Identify your academic advisor. If you are unsure of who that is, check your last class schedule or contact the Registrar’s Office at registrar@finlandia.edu
  • Contact your advisor by email using your FINLANDIA email address.
  • Set up a 30-minute appointment. You may not need that time; however, it is wise to block it off so that you both are not hurried.
  • At this meeting you will discuss your major, the differences between Teach-Out and Transfer, and which Teach-Out receiving school has your major/degree/program of study.

Be sure to cover what is required to:

  • Move to the Teach-Out Institution
  • Have your records moved to the Teach-Out Institution
  • What forms need to be signed
  • Who the contact person is at the Teach-Out Institution you wish to attend

Review Teach-Out Grid & Instructions

  1. Find your major
  2. Read across to the other institutions to see which offer the program you wish to enter.
  3. Sign an Authorization for Release of Information to Third Party so Finlandia can share your information with the Teach-Out Institution(s).
  4. Contact the designated Teach-Out admissions counselor at the Teach-Out Institution to discuss registration, financial aid, and more.
  5. Change your priority school in the FAFSA from Finlandia to the Teach-Out Institution.
  6. Finlandia will transfer your records and transcript to the Teach-Out Institution.
  7. Complete your degree! Your degree will be awarded from the Teach-Out Institution.

Teach-Out Academic Grid

Transfer Options

While the official Teach-Out Agreements for the institutions listed above typically include protections for FinnU students that exceed what non-partnering institutions typically provide, several schools listed below have made commitments to supporting FinnU students in incredible ways. To learn more, click the school’s name to view their information and, where applicable, their commitment to FinnU students.

Additional information



Alumni & Community




Business Partners & Vendors

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