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Finlandia University is home to the Finlandia Lions. The Lions participate in 10 NCAA Division III sports and feature two club teams. The Lions D-III sports programs compete in the following four athletic conferences.

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Finlandia student-athletes are devoted but their love for sports is only matched by their passion to further their education, volunteerism, playing roles in campus leadership, and internship opportunities Finlandia offers.

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“Time management and being dedicated to your sport is huge. It shows a lot of character within you. But also, it’s about being a student athlete. They say student athlete for a reason, because you’re always going to be a student first. You have to go to class, you have to do the right things in order to be that student athlete.”

Brittany Coleman ('15)

“I’ve been fortunate to have had multiple mentors, and people willing to help provide me with the right opportunities. At Finlandia, for example, Nordstrom and Finlandia’s former Director of Intercollegiate Athletics were instrumental in helping me gain industry experience and finding the right graduate program.”

Reece Anderson ('13)

“At Finlandia, I was able to do nursing and hockey. Most schools, you go there and they tell you that it’s absolutely impossible for you to balance the two. But, the fact that the class sizes here are so small, you get a really good personal relationship with your professors. Obviously it’s not ideal missing things for sporting events, but they really work with you.”

Sierra Meiners ('17)

Academic Information

Situated in the beautiful Keweenaw Peninsula, Finlandia University is the only private college in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and home to two- or four- year degree programs offered by two schools and two colleges in the disciplines of liberal studies, health sciences, business and fine arts.

Each program is unique in nature and thrives off of smaller classroom settings. In fact, the average student-to-faculty ratio is 8:1. Finlandia faculty and staff are committed to your personal and intellectual growth during your college journey. Some of our most popular degrees include nursing, biology, sports management and physical therapist assistant among many others.

FinnU also believes it is important to gain a global perspective during your college experience and with our Finnish ties it is possible to offer students the opportunity to attend college overseas in Finland and beyond.

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Student Life

Finlandia University is dedicated to giving students a well
rounded, fulfilling and memorable education experience.

You’ll cheer on the Lions, swim in Lake Superior, sing at
Mock Rock and spend late nights over pizza with your friends.

The faculty and staff will be there for you every step of the
way making sure you get the best we have to offer.

Student Life at FinnU is so much more than just activities. It’s
spending time with new people, learning to see from another’s
perspective and most importantly learning more about yourself
than you thought possible.

We can’t wait to meet you.

The Finlandia List

  • Take a trip to Copper Harbor
  • Eat a Pasty
  • Ski, snowboard or tube down Mont Ripley
  • Experience the Northern Lights
  • Break out the snowshoes and go exploring
  • Make friendships that will last a lifetime
  • Explore the Keweenaw’s Amazing Beaches
  • Celebrate Heikinpaiva with Swim
  • Take it to the house with some curling
  • Check out the Copper Dog race

Financial Aid

College can be expensive, but we believe every student should get the chance they deserve to further their education. At Finlandia, 100% of our full-time domestic students receive financial aid, including scholarships, grants and their tuition assistance. Unlike most state institutions, Finlandia provides attainable scholarships that reward you for the academic success you’ve had. Here are just a few of the great opportunities provided:

Finnish Strong Transfer Scholarship – Transfer students come with certain benefits to our school: They’re usually extremely academically prepared, they’re motivated to make things happen, and they graduate at higher rates. Because of that we’ve worked hard to remove as many barriers as we possibly can, and one of those is a $10,000 scholarship that the vast majority of our transfer students will be eligible for.

U.P. Commitment Scholarship – We love Yoopers, and as proof of that we’re proudly offering a $4,000 per year scholarship to all students who graduated from an Upper Peninsula high school!

Service Scholarship – If you make a difference in your community, we want you to come here and make a difference in our community. This $2,000 per year scholarship is open to students from outside of the U.P. who have performed community service.

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