Morgan Evans-Weiler

Resonances is an installation examining the felt experience of material and temporal processes. In this work, a material, process or environment are all one and the same. This space of felt experience is an environment of affective materiality. Affective materiality is the perceived feeling of being in a place of relationality with objects, bodies and processes – a place where networks of motion intersect, fold and create meshworks of being. The visual and aural together resonate a sense of time and process; we can connect what is heard with what is seen and interpret our own path through the conceptual space.

At the center of this work is our perception. The drawings offer a place to perceive time as a visual phenomena and texture, perhaps as an object; the vibrating metal offers a place to perceive the material and architectural as an aural phenomena. Taken together, these phenomena coincide to create a web of feeling – vibrational textures and resonant bodies form a connected fabric of perceptive experiences. We can see the design of the drawings in the oscillation of the metal and we can observe the structure of these physical and conceptual motions.

To see time as visual and to feel material as vibration is to resonate with what is present in one’s location. The lines and sounds are in essence all very mundane; it is through ordinary experiences that we make sense of our path through the process that is the world.