C.L. Lindsay Presentation & Pledging Event

Be informed of your rights as a student. C.L. Lindsay is nationally recognized as an expert and leader in the field of student rights and academic freedom. He will speak about “Sex and the Law.” Following the presentation, the Student Senate will host an It’s On Us pledging event. Here, you can pledge that it is on us all to prevent sexual assaults and violence from happening.

Wednesday, August 30th – 6:30 pm – Finnish American Heritage Center

Denim & R.A.I.N.N. Day

Show your support for survivors of sexual assault by wearing denim. Visit booths hosted by the Student Senate, Young Women’s Caucus for Art, and Dial Help. The Student Senate will continue to gather It’s On Us pledges to reinforce that it is on us all to stop sexual violence. The Young Women’s Caucus for Art will be giving away blank t-shirts for their upcoming Clothesline Project. This project will give survivors of sexual assault and their supporters a platform to share their story and words of support. Participants have the option to receive their t-shirt privately, to remain anonymous with their contribution. Dial Help will offer information on how to receive help for sexual assault cases.

Thursday, September 21st – 11:30 am – 1:00 pm – Finlandia Hall


The Hunting Ground

It’s On Us Week of Action

View “The Hunting Ground,” an alarming film about the realities of sexual assault culture on college campuses across the United States. A discussion about the highlighted issues in the film will follow the viewing.

Monday, October 2nd – 8 pm – Wargelin 303


Walk a Mile in THEIR Shoes

It’s On Us Week of Action

There is an old saying: “You can’t really understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”A community walk of solidarity in support of survivors of sexual violence will begin at Quincy Green and proceed to La Cantina and back. Participants may choose to wear shoes of the opposite gender as a fun way to get the community talking about the difficult subject of gender relations and sexual violence.

Wednesday, October 4th – 5:30 pm – Quincy Green


The Clothesline Project

It’s On Us Week of Action

Join the First Thursday Art and Design Pizza lunch at 12:00 pm. Following the lunch, proceed to the Reflections Gallery on the second floor. There, you will find the Clothesline Project, a collection of stories from sexual assault survivors and words of solidarity from supporters, presented on t-shirts.

Thursday,  October 5th – 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm – Jutila 323 & Reflections Gallery


Teal Takeover

It’s On Us Week of Action


Saturday, October 7th – 11 am Finlandia Hall – 1 pm – McAfee Field

Kelly Tsai – Spoken Word Poetry

Don’t miss a chance to be captivated by the talented Kelly Tsai. The Brooklyn-based artist’s work as a performance poet has been featured at over 700 venues worldwide including the White House, HBO, and MTV Iggy. Thai will present spoken word poetry related to the It’s On Us topic.

Thursday, November 9th – 8:00 pm – Jutila Center room 323

Emily Linden – The Unslut Project

Let, suicide prevention activist, Emily Linden transform your perception of the word, slut. Join her in creating a world where slut doesn’t even make sense as an insult.

Tuesday, November 14th – 7:00 pm – Finnish American Heritage Center