2020 Academic Year

For Students

Welcome back to campus!

Your health and safety is our number one priority, but we need your help to keep our campus safe.

COVID-19 Dashboard

All students and employees are currently learning and working remotely.

Active Student Cases (includes on- and off-campus)3
Active Employee Cases0
Total Recovered Cases67
Students in Quarantine6
Employees in Quarantine0
On-Campus Isolation Suite Occupancy12%

Baseline Testing Spring 2021

As was done in August, we will again conduct baseline testing for our campus community prior to beginning face-to-face classes.  Whether you left the Hancock-Houghton area over winter break or remained local, all students and employees who will be physically on campus are expected to participate in our free return-to-campus COVID-19 baseline testing. Testing will take place in the Finnish American Heritage Center, as it did in August. Enter the building in the back and follow the signs. When in the FAHC/Bookstore parking lot and facing the Northwind Books, the back entrance is to your left and around the bend. You will exit the building from the front

Returning student athletes have begun their baseline testing (Jan 8th and Jan 11th). The general student population, faculty, and staff will test according to the following schedule:

Thursday 1/14: 1:00pm-4pm

Friday 1/15: 9am-12pm

Tuesday 1/19: 1pm-4pm

Wednesday 1/20: 9am-12pm

Exemptions to testing are few, and include:

  • Fully online students and faculty who are not physically visiting campus 
  • If you tested positive for the virus within 90 days prior to your return to campus (any time after October 20, 2020), you are not required to test. Please request an exemption from testing by emailing documentation verifying your diagnosis to contact.tracing@finlandia.edu 

Please schedule your free COVID-19 Test using the link below. More info about the test is provided on the COVID-19 FAQ page. 

After the test is completed, you’ll be asked to quarantine in your home or campus residence until the results have been processed, which should take no more than 72 hours.

In order to receive your results, all students are asked to create a Healow Account with Upper Great Lakes. This account will also be used should you take advantage of the Finlandia Health Clinic services.

COVID-19 Baseline Testing Sign Up

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All students will be required to:

Sign the Community Promise: Such a year calls us to be at our best, to center our lives on a shared purpose, and to hold ourselves and each other accountable for behaviors and practices that may be unfamiliar, uncomfortable, and inconvenient.  By signing this document, you agree to be more than just an individual, but part of the Finlandia Family & Community. 

Complete the Daily Symptom-19 Tracker Survey: The Daily COVID-19 Symptom Tracker Survey enables us to track the health of our campus community and make referrals for symptomatic testing as needed. The survey will be emailed to you daily at midnight and should be completed daily prior to coming to campus. 

Wear a Mask and/or Face Shield: Masks will be required on campus at all times, unless eating or outdoors where social distancing is feasible. Disposable masks will be available to you throughout campus. Face shields will be available for those who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons.

Follow Social Distancing Guidelines: Please give 6 feet of distance when in close proximity to others. In addition, please follow the social distancing directional signage throughout campus, and stay on the right side of the corridor when walking.

Stay Home If Feeling Unwell: If you feel unwell, please stay home or in your dorm room instead of “toughing it out” and coming to class.

Have further questions? Consult the COVID-19 Student Conduct Policy Addendum.

Resources we’re providing:

PPE Kit: You’ll be given a personal protective equipment (PPE) kit upon arriving on campus that will include a mask, hand sanitizer, gloves, alcohol wipes and thermometer. 

Testing: Through our partnership with the Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center, we offered free baseline testing for all students and employees. We’ll also offer symptomatic testing throughout the year for those who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. 

Health Center: Through our partnership with the Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center, we’ll have a new health clinic on campus that you can make appointments at any time to receive care. Complete your Healow account so you can access your records and account. 

Cleaning & Investment in Protective Equipment: We’ve increased our cleaning practices substantially to ensure you are in a safe environment. We have also invested in numerous pieces of equipment that will help prevent the spread of germs including touchless faucets, plexiglass dividers, touchless water fountains. 

Training: All employees must go through a COVID-19 training prior to returning to campus for work. In addition, all employees are completing the COVID-19 Daily Symptom Tracker Survey to screen for symptoms. 

COVID-19 Testing, Quarantine, Contact Tracing

Please complete the Daily COVID-19 Symptom Tracker, found in your Finlandia email. Your results will be sent to Finlandia’s Nurse Practitioner, Cindy Blake, who will determine if you need to be tested. Testing occurs through our partnership with the Upper Great Lakes Family Health System and Michigan Technological University. The test will consist of an oral pharyngeal swab (throat swab). After the test is completed, you’ll be asked to quarantine in your home or campus residence until the results have been processed, which should take no more than 72 hours.

In order to receive your results, all students are asked to create a Healow Account with Upper Great Lakes. This account will also be used should you take advantage of the Finlandia Health Clinic services.

If you are contacted by a Contact Tracer through the Western UP Health Department and they recommend you be tested and quarantine, please reach out to Cindy Blake at cindy.blake@finlandia.edu.

Quarantine & Self Isolation

Who should quarantine?

Individuals who have been exposed to someone who is ill (awaiting COVID-19 test results) or individuals who have been exposed to someone with a known case of COVID-19.

Who should isolate?  

Individuals who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or have symptoms of COVID-19 and are awaiting test results.

What is the difference between quarantine and isolation?

  • Isolation separates sick people from people who are not sick.  People in isolation should avoid frequenting shared spaces in their homes and wear a mask when they leave their room.  If possible, people in isolation should have a private bathroom.
  • Quarantine restricts the movement of individuals who may have been exposed to illness.  When in quarantine, a person is expected to stay home and monitor symptoms, but should be safe to interact with others in the household.

How long does a quarantine or isolation period last?

  • Isolation typically lasts 10 days from onset of symptoms or from the positive COVID-19 test result.  A medical provider should provide an exact date at time of testing.
  • Quarantine is usually 14 days from the point of last exposure to someone who is symptomatic or who has tested positive for COVID-19.

If you are asked to quarantine, please remain in quarantine until cleared by a medical professional.

Safe Return to Campus Levels

Effective date: 8/3/2020 until rescinded

Effective on June 10, 2020, Region 8 of the state of Michigan, which consists of the Upper Peninsula, moved to Phase 5 of the state’s Safe Start plan. This Safe Return to Campus plan restates the Health and Safety Levels which Finlandia introduced at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The chart below illustrates how the Campus community will respond in real time to any changes such as a positive COVID-19 case in the campus community; the presence of the virus and health care capacity in the local community; and relevant local, state, and federal guidance and orders.

This Safe Return to Campus plan is put in place in order to comply with applicable state and federal guidance and continue the state and nationwide effort to limit the spread of COVID-19, while allowing a phased and scientifically informed return to campus. Carefully returning employees and students to campus aligns with Finlandia’s educational mission and is essential for the economic health of the University, our employees, and the region.


Effective November 16, 2020

Classes, excluding clinicals and some labs, will transition to remote learning for the remainder of the fall semester.

Maki Library: Maki Library will be open and available to students. Protocols and practices will continue to be in place for safe use of the resources at Maki Library including modified check-out procedures.

Student Support Services: Offices and individuals that personally interface with students, such as Campus Safety & Security, the TLC, academic advising, Student Accounts, and The Chapel will remain open and continue to employ various safety measures to maintain physical distance and reduce contact. These include plexiglass shields between staff and students, making appointments in advance online instead of waiting in groups, and virtual meetings.

Textbooks: You can order textbooks using this form from North Wind Books. Staff will pull the necessary books, send a total to you and then schedule a time for you to pick up the books. 
Order Textbooks

Keyboards/Mice: For students who do not have a personal laptop, personal keyboards and computer mice that can plug into university computers are available at no cost. These will fit into the PPE kit bags students will be given upon arriving at campus, and limit the spread of germs. Contact Maki Library if you need a keyboard and mouse.

Reconfigured Classes: When in-person classes are available, classroom capacity will be limited to 40 percent and classrooms will be reconfigured to accommodate social distancing guidelines. When the weather is nice, some professors may also opt to host class outside. See below for how classes may be structured this year. 

Safety is our number one priority for our students, faculty and staff. When available, Finlandia is offering a number of different learning delivery models your professors will choose from. Selecting how to deliver courses during this unprecedented time will be based on a number of factors, including but not limited to, size of the class, desired outcomes, pedagogical goals, regulatory guidance, the learning needs of the students, and mitigating health concerns for the faculty and students. The safety of our campus community is of the utmost importance. Please note that instruction that allows students to engage with professors in real-time is our preferred method when feasible

Delivery StyleIs there face-to-face instruction?Is there a virtual component?Can students interact with the professor in real-time?Other considerations
In-person Instruction + Livestream Learning (Blended-Synchronous) Yes, up to half of students are participating face-to-face in the classroomYes, remaining students simultaneously participate through livestream learningYesStudents would be divided into groups that would rotate between attending class in-person and livestream learning.
In-person + Remote Learning (Blended-Asynchronous)Yes, up to half of students are participating face-to-face in the classroomYes, remaining students would work remotely outside of scheduled class time through recorded sessions via Canvas or ZoomStudents doing face-to-face could interact with professors in real time. Students doing remote learning cannot.
Remote Learning Prior to In-person Instruction
(Blended-Flipped, Asynchronous)
YesYes, all students would complete pre-recorded videos and readings prior to classStudents doing face-to-face could interact with professors in real time. While doing remote learning, students cannot.
Blended-Special CircumstanceDependent upon professorDependent upon professorDependent upon professorStudents and faculty arrange meetings through Zoom or Canvas groups
Fully Online (Livestream or Remote Learning)Dependent upon professor, but livestream learning is preferredYesDependent upon professor
Fully In-Person InstructionYesYes, Canvas content used as appropriate with a minimum of syllabus, calendar, and handouts available onlineYes
If at any time you do not feel comfortable attending class in-person, please contact Erin Barnett at erin.barnett@finlandia.edu or Fredi de Yampert at fredi.deyampert@finlandia.edu to make other arrangements.

Campus Housing

Finlandia Hall will close for the fall semester at noon on November 21, 2020.

Emergency Contact Form
Resident Arrival Quarantine Policy

New Protocols 

  • Finlandia Hall is preparing for operating at reduced capacity with dedicated rooms for isolation/quarantine needs.  
  • Access hours will be assigned to the laundry room.  
  • In addition to the normal list of items to pack for the life in the residence halls, resident students should bring 3-4 washable cloth face coverings (or a face shield) and any personally preferred cleaning supplies to augment what is provided by the University. 
  • Overnight guest visitation is suspended for the 2020/21 academic year.  
  • Elevator use will be highly restricted, available only at the time of check-in, or by students with mobility challenges.

Dining Services

Finlandia Hall Cafe will be open this semester. 

  • Shared food stations will be eliminated.
  • All food will be served in reusable containers. You will be given a token that you exchange for your food container. Once the container is returned to the OZZI machine, you’ll be given your token back. If you do not return your container, you will be charged for a new token. Learn more about OZZI. 
  • Limited seating within the dining hall will be available. 
  • Outdoor seating will be made available when the weather is nice

Student Life

Getting involved

FinnU is committed to providing a full, safe college experience this semester. Check our calendar of events regularly for socially distanced events on campus such as the weekly All Means All Community Meal and events hosted by Student Senate and other groups on campus.

Paavo Nurmi Hours

Monday-Friday: 6:30am-9am, 11:30am-1pm, 4pm-9pm

Saturday-Sunday: 9am-11am, 4pm-9pm

Extra cleaning will take place between sessions.

You must follow these guidelines: 

  • Must present valid Finlandia student ID. (Finlandia Students Only at this time.
    Paavo is closed to the public at this time.)
  • Temperature check (must be under 100 degrees F) to be allowed in the building.
  • No more than 10 people at a time in the weight room or the gym.
  • Participants should be wiping down thoroughly weight/fitness equipment before
    and after an individual’s use.
  • Water fountains can be used for sensor bottle fill up. The other part of the
    fountain should not be used.
  • Please try to keep your workout to 45 minutes to help provide for many others to
    utilize the facility.
  • Masks are mandatory for all non-cardio activities. If in doubt, wear a mask.
  • Locker rooms are NOT available.
  • Must follow Finlandia, federal, state, and local COVID guidelines.


Updated 11/9/2020: All athletics team practices and team strength and conditioning sessions are suspended.  Athletic training may continue in the Paavo Nurmi Center (gymnasium and strength and conditioning center) with a maximum capacity of 10 in each of the two venues.


Competition for the University’s fall teams (football, men’s and women’s soccer, and volleyball) has been canceled for the fall 2020 season. While Finlandia fall teams will not compete in any games or competition for the fall season, the Athletic department will have opportunities for our student-athletes to remain engaged in meaningful athletic activity. When available, they include small group practices, skill development, strength & conditioning, and student-athlete wellbeing opportunities within the limitations stipulated by the NCAA throughout the 2020-21 academic year. 

According to NCAA rules, student-athletes will not use a season of eligibility if their team does not compete during the fall season.  The NCAA has approved a waiver to grant a season of eligibility and two semesters back to any student-athlete whose team competes in less than 50 percent of their season. 

Finlandia University will continue to explore all options for a safe return to intercollegiate athletics.  Winter sports schedules currently remain unchanged but will be evaluated as we approach their respective start dates.

Student IDs, Parking Passes, Emergency Text Notifications

All students are required to have a Finlandia University Student ID and Parking Pass. If you already have an ID or Parking Pass on your vehicle, a new one is not required.

student ID and parking pass

The cost of the initial student ID and parking pass for each school year is included in the tuition and fees.

Student ID Card Order FormParking Pass Order Form

emergency text notifications

Finlandia University is pleased to offer this free text message service to all campus community members. This service will be used to quickly notify the campus community in the event of a campus emergency or a weather-related closure. To sign up for this service, please use the button below.

Emergency Text Signup


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