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September 18, 2020

A Match Made in Research Heaven: The Sociologist and the Census

It’s a tale as old as time. Or rather, just as old as the United States Census. No, it’s not Beauty and the Beast, but it is a match made in research heaven: the sociologist and the census.

To talk about this perfect pair, Finlandia Fridays host Olivia Myers talks with Finlandia’s Sociology Professor, Dr. Michael Reay. Dr. Reay goes into detail about the difference between sociology and psychology (the collective versus the individual) and how the

September 8, 2020

Students: Don’t Forget to Complete Your Census by Sept. 30

Whether you live on campus or at home with family, you need to be counted for the 2020 Census. You should count yourself where you live and sleep most of the time. For a vast majority of Finlandia students, this is in Hancock, MI. Relatives you stay with during breaks should not count you in their census questionnaire.

Why complete the census?

Statistics from the 2020 Census will impact funding for college student programs such as:

School safety Mental health [...]

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