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Student Spotlight: Rheanna Bain, Psychology Major

March 1, 2021
Rheanna Bain is a junior from Hawai’i studying psychology in the Suomi College of Arts & Sciences and is also on the FinnU Softball team. She hopes to pursue her Master’s in Social Work after graduating from FinnU. Learn more about Rheanna in her interview with Director of Marketing, Olivia Myers, below. 
What are you majoring in at Finlandia and why did you decide to study at FinnU? How did you end up at Finlandia all the way from Hawai’i? 
I’m majoring in psychology because I wanted to go into something that would allow me to have options when I go into grad school. I also knew I wanted to go into a field that can help others such as counseling or social work. I ended up at Finlandia because of softball. The old softball coach was the reason I came here but I ended up staying because I loved the area and because of the friends I made when I got here. I’m also a military kid so Hawai’i has only been home for a few years. My parents are both from Buffalo, New York and I’ve spent a few winters up there when I was younger, so the cold isn’t new to me!
Where’s your favorite place you’ve lived? 

I’ve honestly loved all the places I’ve lived; they’ve all helped me experience different cultures and backgrounds. But I’d have to say Hawai’i for obvious reasons!

Can you talk about the psychology program at FinnU and why you think it’s a good one?

The psychology program is in amazing hands with Dr. Jeff Pettibone. His teaching style helps keep me interested in whatever class I’m in with him and he’s able to explain things in a very simplified way that I’m able to remember through the entire course and even into the next semesters. My favorite courses I’ve taken with him so far have been abnormal and sports psychology. He also cares very much for his students and is always making sure we’re doing okay during the pandemic.

Who is your favorite professor and why? 
My favorite professor is definitely Pettibone, he has a great teaching style that anybody can understand and I’m always interested in what we’re learning, no matter the course.
You made it on the Honors List this past semester. Can you talk about what it took to accomplish that, especially with remote classes/learning?
Making Honors List last semester was a big relief. I got myself into a good schedule and was able to manage my time wisely. All my professors were also very helpful and knew how to accommodate for the circumstances we are in.
Have any ideas on what you want to study for your senior capstone next year? 
For my capstone, I’ve been thinking of focusing on the effects Covid and quarantine had on the mental health of college students. Such as how they felt and how it impacted them when we had to shut down so abruptly. And also to compare the differences between people’s locations and how that helped play a difference between them and others because of the differences of lockdowns and quarantine rules between states and countries.
What are you looking forward to this semester? 
I’m looking forward to finally playing some softball!
What’s your experience with the softball team been like? 
My experience has been a rollercoaster but I’ve loved it all. We all come from different states and bring different aspects to the game, so we’re always learning from each other.
What do you do in your free time?
I work two jobs right now so I don’t have much time for anything anymore. I do work study at the gym and I also work at the Krist. I don’t get much free time anymore so when I do I try to do something for myself like make a nice meal, mediate, or just anything to relax and ground myself.
The dreaded question, what are your career goals? How has FinnU been helping you toward that so far? 
I’m looking into getting my masters in social work at the University of Wyoming. My dad is retiring this summer and moving to Wyoming so I’m trying to be a little closer to them when they’re back on the mainland. A year ago, Finlandia and NMU held a discussion about the MSW program and how they’ve teamed together. I learned a lot about the program, and even thought of going to NMU after I graduate, but being home sounds a little better right now. I haven’t had any internships, I was looking into some for this summer, but I have a crazy summer ahead of me helping my dad move back to the mainland so we’ll see.
What type of counseling/social work are you interested in? Any specific area? 
I want to focus on military social work.  I’ve grown up knowing nothing but the military and have seen how much my father being a Marine has helped me growing up and I want to be able to help provide that same support to future military families.

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