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Student Spotlight: Gavin Mackey, Graphic Design

October 13, 2021

Sophomore Gavin Mackey, a graphic design major and Hancock local, has two favorite things; computing and art. Ever since Mackey was in his early teens, he was messing around in Adobe Photoshop creating pixel art and posters. His love for graphic design spiraled from there. 

“My favorite part of the [graphic design] program has got to be the vector art portion. It challenges your perspective and forces you to think in different ways than normal to create a piece,” Mackey said.

Mackey enjoys all of his art classes equally, but he feels like the mainline graphic design classes are the ones that will prove most useful in terms of pursuing graphic design after college. Another aspect of Finlandia that Mackey enjoys is the small class sizes.

“The class sizes are tiny! This is a good thing, as the professor can reach out to you easily if you need help,” Mackey said. “Plus, it’s generally good to have not a ton of people crammed into a lecture hall. Sweating aside, we’re in the midst of a global pandemic.”

Something that Mackey looks forward to with living in the Keweenaw Peninsula is the open space and fresh air. Mackey enjoys feeling the freedom of easy access to tall pines and open roads. 


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