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Sneak Peek: Upcoming 31st Contemporary Finnish American Artist Series Exhibition

November 12, 2021

31st Annual Contemporary Finnish American Artist Series Exhibition
Natalie Salminen INTERSTICE: a small, intervening space
December 4, 2021- February 4, 2022

Finnish American artist Natalie Salminen Rude will present an exhibit titled Interstice: [noun] a small, intervening space, for the 31st Annual Contemporary Finnish American Artist Series. Contemplative, multidisciplinary and inquisitive, Salminen Rude aims to identify and unmask the dehumanizing forces found within technology and systemization. What is to be done if we are too deeply steeped in a system that we depend on? What happens when we never stop long enough to think thoroughly through the possible ramifications of progress as a core value, as our new sacred? For Salminen Rude, an antidote lies in the re-humanizing of all things. A simple first step for her is more non-digital communication, through movement, word and image, in physical spaces. By use of antidotal and symbolic imagery, layered ideation, encaustic, oil, light and darks, and haiku (as “poetic assists” for conversation), Salminen Rude brings together an interstice for contemplation and conversation. Her desire is for viewers to pay attention to and participate in their own inquiries and solutions. Through attention, dialogue and the art of breaking down the breakdowns, the re-humanizing of our world is still possible.

Article provided by the Finlandia University Gallery.

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