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The love of wisdom discussed with Dr. Patricia Grosse on Finlandia Fridays

September 21, 2018

This week Finlandia Fridays turns into Faculty Fridays as Assistant Professor in Philosophy Dr. Patricia Grosse was on set to answer the question – what is philosophy? Dr. Grosse talked about that and a lot more in this week’s episode, starting with what the word literally means. Philosophy is the love of wisdom.

“If you love wisdom, you love philosophy, you should take my classes,” she said to start the episode.

In a world where working in the trades or focusing on STEM-related degrees seems to be all students hear about, Dr. Grosse is excited to be providing an alternative that many students will find interesting, rewarding and fulfilling.

“Students get a lot of things out of being a philosophy major,” she said. “What we do in a philosophy major is we learn all these different kinds of philosophy. We’ll take a pick axe at it and learn as much as we can about it. Along that path you’re learning critical engagement.”

The work in these philosophy classes prepares students for their next step in life. It’s one of the reasons many students choose to earn a minor in addition to their major.

“Being a philosophy student gives you the opportunity to have a space to think about issues like what it is to be a human in this world, what it is to act correctly,” she said, adding that these types of things will be vital as people move forward within their profession. “For the most part, if you’re going into business, you’ll learn that in the business world. If you go into marketing, things are changing so quickly, that you’ll be learning a lot of the skills in the field.

“In Philosophy you’ll learn how to think on your feet.”

It’s also important to remember that the degree is flexible, allowing students to take other courses that fit their interest and plans in life. This makes the degree an ideal one for students who are interested in graduate school, including people interested in a pre-med degree.

“Being a philosophy major is like taking on exam preparation for an entire major,” Dr. Grosse said. “A lot of students that are accepted to med school are philosophy majors, and it’s because they’re learning the tools and the skills in the philosophy degree to navigate all the different types of things you have to do in med school.”

This semester Dr. Grosse is teaching an Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics, and The Philosophy of Sex and Love. She discusses each of these classes, including what students can expect in these classes. You can learn more about these classes, what it’s like to be a philosophy major or what it would take to become a philosophy minor by contacting Dr. Patricia Grosse at patricia.grosse@finlandia.edu.

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