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Miss the Online Registration Deadline? Fear Not!

April 21, 2018

So, you missed the deadline. You lost track of time, end of the semester got the best of you. Don’t worry, there’s still time. While you may have missed the online deadline, students can still go see their advisors to register for next semester classes.

Student being tutoredWait, what’s that? Your advisor is gone for the summer?!

No big deal, there’s still an option for you. Make sure to contact the Dean of your Department or Erin Barnett, Dean of Students.

We hear you, we hear you, you have a hold on your account. Can’t do it, you say?

While it’s true you can’t fully register until the hold is cleared, you can still see your advisory in person to receive your proposed schedule & pin. The proposed schedule can be turned into Erin Barnett or Veronica Horning, Academic Success Coach.

How much better do you feel now? There’s just no reason not to register for next semester classes!


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