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Dean of Students

Posted: August 16, 2021


Title: Dean of Students

Department: Student Affairs

Supervisor: President

Category: Staff

Status/Type: Full-time (12-month)/ Administrative-Exempt


Position Summary:  

The Dean of Students serves as Finlandia’s chief student affairs officer and is the lead staff voice to the Finlandia Board of Trustees on all matters related to student affairs.  Reporting to and working with the president, the dean champions Finlandia’s vision to offer robust and coordinated campus programming that generates high levels of student engagement, builds a strong sense of community, and fosters leadership development, multi-cultural sensitivity, habits of service, spiritual growth, and personal well-being.

The dean is responsible for creating and maintaining a safe, healthy, and supportive campus culture that engages students in their entirety and fosters a student culture wherein diversity thrives and diversity of expression is encouraged and embraced. 

The dean oversees departments and programs that are critical to student life and academic success, including the Center for Vocation and Career, disability support services, the Student Intervention Team, student conduct, student engagement and leadership, security, dining services, and new student orientation and housing. The dean develops student leadership initiatives and opportunities in addition to collaborating with financial aid to build strategic leveraging initiatives to support retention efforts. 

The dean serves as the university’s ADA/504 Compliance Officer, Student Conduct Officer, Title IX Deputy, and Principal Designated Official (PDSO/US Department of Homeland Security). 

Required Qualifications

  1. Master’s degree 
  2. Previous experience (5+ years) in student affairs that demonstrates leadership capacity and effectiveness
  3. Strong administrative skills
  4. Proven and effective interpersonal and professional communication skills, and experience communicating with both traditional and non-traditional students 
  5. A high level of collegiality in working with campus and community constituencies characterized by mutual respect, trust, and commitment to shared goals
  6. Highly effective in crisis management, including the ability to work collaboratively with others in managing crises

Desired Qualifications:

  1. Working knowledge of higher education regulations, statutes, and compliance, including, but not limited to, FERPA and Title IX
  2. Previous experience in recruiting, hiring, training, managing, and evaluating staff 
  3. Previous experience in budget preparation and review

Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Serve as the campus champion for Finlandia’s commitment to student success and well-being
  2. Develop and articulate a comprehensive and cohesive vision for student affairs with measurable goals, actionable strategies, and ongoing assessment
  3. Ensure that all programs, services, and activities align with and promote institutional mission, commitments, and strategic priorities
  4. Stay abreast on current trends, benchmarking, and best practices related to student affairs
  5. Communicate and collaborate with other campus leadership including all members of Finlandia’s management team, academic leadership and faculty, admissions staff, coaching staff, student success staff, food service, maintenance and housekeeping, and others
  6. Provide direction and intervention for students in crisis and non-crisis including intervening with mental health staff, providing victim advocacy, and working with staff to support students in crisis
  7. Serve as active member of Academic Council, Institutional Planning Committee, and the President’s Management Team 
  8. Recruit, hire, train, manage, and evaluate staff
  9. Oversee recruitment and development of student leaders
  10. Plan and implement new student orientation
  11. Coordinate the student affairs response to major crisis and other unusual events impacting students within the University Community
  12. Oversee testing for students requiring accommodations
  13. Lead a student persistence support team that develops and implements institutional retention strategies and activities
  14. Responsible for departmental budget oversight
  15. Oversee yearly review and production of the Finlandia University Student Handbook, Student Code of Conduct, and other student affairs policy-related publications 
  16. Work regularly with marketing and communications personnel to ensure accurate and attractive representation of student affairs content in all media forms 
  17. Adhere to all university policies and procedures
  18. Work collegially and professionally with students, employees, and external constituents
  19. Enthusiastically support the institutional vision of Finlandia University to be a whole learning community accompanying the whole student toward a whole life  
  20. Willingly perform other duties as required and assigned

As a learning community Finlandia University recognizes and affirms the dignity and worth of all people and cultures. We will strive to provide an institutional climate that does not perpetuate or tolerate forms of discrimination. We are committed to recruiting, developing and retaining a qualified and diverse faculty, staff and student body.

Finlandia University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex/gender, age, disability, religion, veteran status, familial status, height, weight, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, genetic information, or any other category protected by applicable law in admissions, employment, athletics, programs, and activities. The following person(s) has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies or gender equity concerns:

Fredi deYampert
Title IX Coordinator
(906) 487-7301


E-mail cover letter and resume to: