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Assistant Registrar

Posted: May 27, 2021

Title: Assistant Registrar
Department: Registrar’s Office (5520)
Supervisor: Registrar
Category: Staff
Status/Type: Full-Time (40 hours/week) / Exempt

Position Summary: Provide administrative support for the management of the Registrar’s Office.
Responsible for assisting with the daily operations of the Registrar’s Office, including the maintenance of
academic records of applicants and students, while providing quality customer service. Under general
direction, the position will coordinate scheduling activities, transfer evaluation processes, assist in data
entry for the IPEDS reporting, and oversee the updating of the annual campus catalog. The successful
applicant will demonstrate support for and engagement with Finlandia’s strategic vision to become more
fully a whole learning community accompanying the whole student toward a whole life.

Required Qualifications:
1. Bachelor’s degree in business, education, or related field
2. Experience with database entry and management
3. Experience with responsibilities that require adherence to strict compliance procedures
4. Proficient computer skills with ability to adapt to office software system programs
5. Ability to manage multiple projects
6. Problem-solving skills
7. Strong communication and interpersonal skills
8. Attention to detail
9. Good supervisory skills

Desired Qualifications:
1. Experience working with university records, knowledge of academic programs, and transfer
2. Knowledgeable of FERPA regulations
3. Knowledge of EMPOWER or other student information system

Essential Responsibilities:
1. Assist the registrar in managing the Registrar’s office and maintaining student records.
2. Compile and complete the data entry portion of the IPEDS reporting process that falls under
the responsibility of the Registrar’s office.
3. Coordinate electronic transcript process, to include being the lead person in regards to
customer service for transcript requests.
4. Coordinate and compile the course schedule for the upcoming semester(s).
5. Inform the academic advisors of registration errors and work to assist them in finding
solutions, if possible.
6. Provide quality customer service to students, advisors, faculty, and staff that are seeking
assistance. Including but not limited to: adds/drops/withdrawal processing, major/advisor
changes, schedule error updates, enrollment verifications, etc.
7. Act as the lead person in evaluating transcripts to determine what credits are transferrable
and how they will be accepted into Finlandia University. This will include working closely with
faculty, deans, and program heads to determine direct equivalencies.
8. Keep the transfer equivalency tables updated in the Michigan Transfer Network in an effort to
promote the transferability of courses both in and out of Finlandia.
9. Work as a point of contact for community colleges and other institutions of higher learning for
transfer inquiries.
Assistant Registrar Job Description, 2021 2
10. Work closely with Admissions to help communicate with new, incoming transfer students
regarding the courses that are being accepted into Finlandia and how they will apply towards
their program/major.
11. Receive placement files from Admissions to process class placements based on transcripts
and test scores.
12. Serve as a member of the Academic Achievement Committee. This may require an evening
and a weekend for helping with the Honors Banquet and Commencement.
13. Act as a back-up/assistant with the coordination of the VA education benefit programs.
14. Operation of standard office equipment.
15. Extreme accuracy in the maintenance of academic records and in addressing problems in
student records. This will include data entry & management of paper and electronic records.
16. Knowledge of FERPA regulations
17. Assist with supervision of work study students
18. Adhere to university policies and procedures
19. Work collegially and professionally with students, employees and external constituents.
20. Demonstrate support for and engagement with Finlandia’s strategic vision to become more
fully a whole learning community accompanying the whole student toward a whole life.
21. Perform related duties as required, which may include clerical duties as needed.

Position is open until filled.

Apply via email to:


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