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Finlandia University announces In-State Transfer Tuition Pricing for Michigan and non-Michigan residents

November 14, 2017

Finlandia University announced today the implementation of “In-State Transfer Tuition Pricing,” available to Michigan and non-Michigan residents. This first-of-its-kind tuition reset helps establish FinnU as a transfer-friendly leader in the Midwest and beyond.

Beginning with the January 2018 semester, Finlandia will reset tuition to $12,594 per year or $6,297 per semester for students bringing in at least six transferable college credits. The tuition reset price is the median in-state tuition price for public, four-year institutions in the state of Michigan.

Finlandia’s In-State Transfer Tuition Pricing applies to Michigan and non-Michigan residents alike. For students who live in the state of Michigan, they may also qualify for the Michigan Tuition Grant, an additional $1,000/semester (2017-18 grant level) in grant funding available only to students attending private colleges. Michigan and non-Michigan students may also qualify for federally funded programs such as work-study to further reduce their college expenses.

“Most college students today attend two or more institutions prior to graduation,” said Dr. Philip Johnson, President of Finlandia University. “Finlandia values the passion, drive and maturity that transfer students offer our campus. In addition to our transfer student tuition reset, we are launching a friendlier application process and streamlining our transfer credit process. Blended with up-close and personal attention from our admissions and financial aid offices, and our engaged faculty advisors, transfer students can be confident they will complete their degree on time while minimizing their expenses. We intend to lead as the friendliest transfer college in the country.”

The in-state tuition policy for transfer students will apply to all Finlandia schools and colleges, including the International School of Art & Design, International School of Business, Suomi College of Arts & Sciences, and the College of Health Sciences.

“To be the most transfer friendly, in a nutshell, is to be affordable, relatable and reliable,” President Johnson continued. “We pride ourselves in doing small well. We deliver uncommon attention that translates into student success. Transfer students deserve this kind of attention and this kind of success. They deserve a place where they can truly feel they belong. We aim to do this better than anyone else.”

For more information about Finlandia’s In-State Transfer Tuition Pricing, please contact Director of Student Financial Services Sandra Turnquist (906-487-7240 – sandra.turnquist@finlandia.edu) or visit finlandia.edu/transfer.

About Finlandia University

Finlandia University, founded in 1896 as Suomi College, is the only private university in the ruggedly beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is one of 26 colleges and universities affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. With an astounding amount of sisu – meaning grit, determination and resilience – the university is the only remaining university in North America founded by Finnish immigrants. Located in Michigan’s northernmost city of Hancock, Finlandia University is a learning community dedicated to academic excellence, spiritual growth and service. The university fosters intellectual challenge, open dialogue, service to others, and an entrepreneurial response to a world characterized by change. Finlandia works to provide a nurturing and caring community focused on connecting theory and practice to the service of the greater good. Bachelor and associate degrees are earned by students in two schools and two colleges serving the disciplines of art and design, business, liberal studies and health sciences. Finlandia student athletes compete in NCAA Division III sports. Please visit our website at finlandia.edu.

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