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Finlandia increases security measures for residence hall

August 16, 2018

This summer Finlandia Hall got a much needed update. With the installation of a card reading system on the doors of Finn Hall, students will no longer be issued keys to the building; instead they will tap a newly issued card to grant them access to the resident hall.

“We have been looking to implement this system to monitor who is coming in and out of the building, as well as set the locks to lock at a specific time,” said Jim Harden, Head of Campus Security. “This way we don’t have to physically be there to lock the doors, so if we cannot get there, we can make sure the building is secure.”

The cards contain an RFID chip that will allow students to access the hall during closed hours. Only students who live in the dorms will have access to the hall during these hours to ensure that any additional persons in the building are accounted for.

Additionally, the added system will give campus security the ability to lock down the building from anywhere at any time and, if students lose their ID card, it can be shut down as soon as security is notified.

This new system provides students a safe and secure place to live, as well as provides parents with peace of mind knowing their child is safe while at school.

“Not only does the electronic lock give me peace of mind on an everyday basis,” said Harden “but, especially in case of emergency, knowing that we can secure the building where the students’ live makes me feel much better.”

Students should see Jim Harden in the Security Office, located in Finlandia Hall on the main floor, to receive their new ID’s starting next week.


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