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Don’t miss out on discounted online summer courses

March 23, 2021

Finlandia University will once again be offering discounted summer courses for students. Instead of the usual $779 per credit hour during the fall and spring semester, summer courses are offered at $250 per credit hour. If you are a non-degree seeking student, you may audit the courses for $75 per credit hour.

Courses are 8 weeks long, online, and run from May 17-July 9, 2021.

Available courses include:

  • COM 108: Fundamentals of Public Speaking
  • CRJ 101: Intro to Criminal Justice
  • ENG 103: College English I
  • ENG 104: College English II
  • ENV 202: Intro to Environmental Studies
  • FNS 221: History & Culture of Finland
  • MAT 144: Quantitative Reasoning
  • MAT 145: College Algebra
  • PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology

For a full listing of summer courses, please visit www.finlandia.edu/register. If you are interested in auditing a course, please contact the admissions office at admissions@finlandia.edu.

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