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Student Spotlight Series: Daisia Knowles

November 9, 2020

Daisia Knowles is a Junior Psychology major from Broomfield, Colo. She is also a soccer player on Finlandia’s women’s soccer team. Communications work-study, Amanda Staege, recently interviewed Knowles to learn more about her time at FinnU.

Tell me a bit about yourself. Where are you from, what are your hobbies, etc?

I am proudly from Broomfield, Colo., and graduated in 2018 from Broomfield High. At the age of eight, I started playing soccer! My mom played as well and went on to play Olympic Development when she was my age. After playing a year, I fell in love with the sport just like she did. Ultimately, and accidentally, my Mom ended up being my coach for the first eight years of my life, setting the foundation of the kind of soccer player I am today; a player who loves the team aspect and comradery of it all, and the work ethic that went into it over the years to help me become a successful player. 

My hobbies consist of sewing, hanging out with my friends, and doing a lot of outdoor activities.  We grew up by the mountains so we hiked, camped, and tubed, went waterboarding in lakes, and even basic exercise was a must. Being that, I learned a great work ethic at a young age. It helped me work immediately from the time I was 15, as a Junior Park Ranger, and then went on to work in a real corporate industry at the age of 16. 

What made you choose Finlandia to further your education?

I originally chose Finlandia so that I could play soccer here, but more importantly, I chose it so that I could get a higher education to make me a valuable employee when seeking jobs in the future. I always dreamed of playing soccer in college and, with the most humble heart, I truly appreciate this experience, both academically and athletically. 

What made you decide on a major in Psychology?

From a young age, I was always that friend that people were drawn to naturally. They came to me about problems or scenarios and trusted in me to not only keep their feelings and thoughts private but to make sure I am a good friend and offering the best advice possible that would not have a harmful outcome. I always wondered why people act the way they act and how they use their brains to cope with obstacles in life. Helping someone achieve how to cope with, react to, or understand things that happen to them is a passion of mine. I believe if you have a true understanding and the ability to be compassionate, relationships will be more attainable and sustainable.    

What sports and activities are you currently involved in on campus?

On campus, I am the captain of the women’s soccer team and I am also a part of the Black Student Union. Through the amazing efforts of my team we have done excessive amounts of volunteer work throughout the town and helped the community with different projects, such as coaching younger children in the same sport, food drives, and after flood cleanup, just to name a few. 

You’ve won a few awards during your college sports career, tell me a bit about those.

Academically, freshman year I made the honor list in the fall. Fall and spring of my sophomore year, I made the dean’s list and got ACAA All-Academic for my 2019 year of soccer. I am very honored to have won these awards because it shows me how my hard work has paid off. Being at college, I knew it was going to be a different level of play. I had to play everything I had in every single minute of every single game. During my freshman year, I ended up getting the ACAA Defensive Player of the Week, ACAA All-Tournament, and All-ACAA first team. It felt great to be recognized for my play as an incoming freshman. Sophomore year, I started all 18 games, scored four goals with four assists for 12 points making me the highest-scoring defensive player on our team. Sophomore year was a good year for me. I was a two-time ACAA Defensive Player of the Week, ACAA All-Tournament,  All-ACAA first team,  and what I am most proud of is the ACAA Defensive Player of the Year.  

Do you plan to continue playing soccer after you graduate?

As of right now, unless things change, I do not plan to play outside of college. When I was younger, I did dream of playing professionally, but I think eventually I may join a co-ed/adult intramural team for fun. My ultimate goal is to focus on my career in Psychology. My end goal in terms of education is to enter a graduate school and get my Ph.D. in Behavioral Psychology.

What plans do you have for your career once you graduate?

As I said above, my plan to go to graduate school is my main objective. After graduating with my bachelor’s degree, my goal would be to most likely move back to a graduate program in my home state of Colorado. I want to get an internship that involves my field of education so that I will be able to have a head start by already understanding the whole field. Nerves can set in thinking about my future, but one thing is for certain: I’m not quite sure what will come of my Psychology path, but I am extremely excited to see where it takes me. 

What is your favorite part about going to school at Finlandia?

My favorite part about going to Finlandia is the size of the classes. Due to being a smaller school, you gain connections with most of the people you see. Especially professors. They are on a first-name basis, always willing to help, and have our best interest at heart. I also enjoy how beautiful the town is. I have noticed that, with all four seasons, this town stays a pretty place to live in. 

Do you have any advice for any incoming or current students?

This school is far from many people. It is normal to get homesick here and a bit scary to come from a far place. The best advice I have for studies who are as far away from home, as I am, is to surround yourself around people who make you feel like this town is a second home. I also would say take advantage of the many activities and programs that the school offers. It is a good way to meet new people and create relationships. 

Is there anything else you’d like to add about your time at Finlandia?

It’s important to mention that the weather can become overwhelmingly cold and the sky will appear to be gloomy. We get more snow than I have ever seen in my life, and I’m from Colorado. Although the snow is fun for sledding, pictures, and family time it can have a strong negative effect on students who are not used to this weather. Vitamin D, exercise, light mirrors, and good friends are the key components to what really helps me get through those times when the winters are treacherous and the weather is depressing. 


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