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Criminal justice major, Christopher Dennis talks senior capstone and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau internship

November 17, 2017

Finlandia Fridays was visited by an old friend this week, soon to be alumnus, Christopher Dennis to talk about the internship he took this past summer with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Chris first discussed the internship in an episode last spring. Dennis will be graduating at the end of this semester with a degree in criminal justice and sociology. The internship was an opportunity for him to experience the job of a financial examiner for three months in Chicago.

Christopher Dennis

Being able to apply the knowledge he learned in the classroom was beneficial to him “especially when researching bank entities and what their assets and revenues came to be.” Dennis admitted that financials were not his strong suit, but being able to apply the ethical standards he learned in the criminal justice program taught him that banks are held to a higher standard than any other business. The experience taught him several things, things like professionalism is key and that appearance is important. Chris also learned more about his ideal work place. “The CFPB was the ultimate fit because of the work culture there,” stated Chris. “I want to work somewhere where I feel valued, and where I can apply what I learned in school.”

Thanks to his time working with the CFPB, after he graduates in December, Dennis has the opportunity to start working as an employee of the CFPB. After his internship ended, his field manager wrote a memorandum for a recommendation of employment. The memorandum is a review of how well the intern did in the position, and if they did well they have the potential to become a full time employee. Dennis received the ability to converge into full-time employment after graduation. The job will be taking him to several states in the Midwest, while also allowing him to work from home every now and again.

Chris will be presenting his senior capstone today at 4:30 p.m. in Wargelin room 303. His capstone will focus on his internship with the CFPB, with an emphasis on what he learned during his time interning. Chris stated that “being able to go in and explain what the internship is and this is what I learned, and how it applies, holds bigger value than anything that a textbook can provide.” Chris’s words of wisdom for incoming criminal justice students is to “read the books, be on time, and do what you need to do in the class.” Chris is also highly suggestive of going out and gaining real world experience through internship opportunities.

Finlandia Fridays will be taking a week off next week to enjoy Thanksgiving, so there will not be an episode next week. Happy Thanksgiving to all our viewers! Tune in in two weeks for a new episode.


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