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Alumni Board Giving Day seeks to raise $30K for FinnU Safe Open

August 25, 2020

The Finlandia Alumni Board (FAB) is hosting its annual Giving Day on Sept. 1 in an effort to raise $30,000 to assist the university in it’s Safe Open. Funds raised will go toward the cost of baseline testing for all students and employees, as well as personal protective equipment (PPE) and other necessary equipment to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 on campus this fall.

“The opportunity to test the entire campus community is a meaningful way to position FinnU for a successful year ahead,” reads the FAB Giving Day page. “As faculty, staff and leadership strive to foster a learning environment dedicated to academic excellence, spiritual growth and service, these baseline tests, PPE, and safe campus upgrades will lead to planful management of campus and community health.”

Giving Day will officially kick off on September 1, however, donations may be made prior to the event online, by phone, or via mail.

“Maintaining safety on campus allows students to be able to attend classes face-to-face and to enjoy the college experience, even during a pandemic,” said Student Senate President and nursing senior Arty Puntus. Puntus also assisted with the campus-wide baseline testing through the College of Health Sciences earlier this month.

The FAB’s annual Giving Day was originally scheduled for mid-March, but postponed due to Covid-19 outbreak. After careful consideration this summer, the Board decided to focus on raising funds for FinnU’s safe open to ensure students could have the option to attend class on campus safely.

To make a donation and learn more, please visit finlandia.edu/givingday.

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