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Acadeum provides more online course options for students

January 28, 2021

Acadeum online learning

Finlandia University is excited to announce a new partnership with the Council of Independent Colleges Online Course Sharing Consortium through its Acadeum platform. Through Acadeum, students can sign up for online classes offered by other universities in the cohort. The service is particularly ideal for transfer students or students looking for a course that is not offered at Finlandia. 

If a transfer student joins us in the Spring semester and a course they need is not currently offered, we can accommodate them through Acadeum rather than waiting. This strategy, in turn, secures student success on their schedule,” said Director of Innovative and Online Learning Dr. Michelle Rauch

Over 226 universities participate in the consortium including Albion College, Bellarmine University, and Concordia University (Chicago). FinnU’s academic deans have already pre-approved a number of courses, but Rauch assures students that classes can be approved on an individual basis should a student wish to take a different course. 

Although students will be taking the course from a different university, they can sign up and pay for the class through FinnU. The program is streamlined so that students get information on the learning management system the class will use and all communications will come through their Finlandia email account. 

Students interested in exploring the course offerings should talk with their academic advisors. 

About the Consortium & Acadeum

The CIC Online Course Sharing Consortium (CIC-OCSC) provides access to technology that facilitates online course sharing among CIC members. Compared with other institutions from which students may wish to transfer credit, keeping within CIC means that similar curricular goals, philosophies of education, standards of academic quality, and a commitment to the liberal arts are much more likely. By sharing courses online through the Consortium, academic leaders can quickly implement strategies to improve student progress while maintaining complete control of their own curriculum, and administrators can seamlessly transfer credits and financial aid.

Through an arrangement with Acadeum, whose Course Share™ technology facilitates cross-registrations, CIC members can find appropriate course options from trusted partners, support student success, and generate revenue by participating in the CIC Online Course Sharing Consortium.

Acadeum’s mission is to expand options for students in higher education by leveraging the full power of interconnected networks. Armed with the ability to strategically flex their course offerings to give students more options, the Acadeum network of institutions are pioneering new ways to overcome barriers to student success and develop structural solutions. Learn more at acadeum.com.

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