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Finns of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (Book)
$21.99 (+ $3.01 shipping)

“On Midsummer Eve, 1865, more than 30 Finnish and Sami immigrants disembarked from a Great Lakes ship to a place called Hancock, Michigan. At the time, Hancock consisted of nothing more than a small cluster of humble buildings, but it was here, on the outskirts of mid-19th-century civilization, that Finnish settlement in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (UP) took root. In short order, hardworking Finnish immigrants became reputable miners, lumberjacks, farmers, maids, and commercial fisherman. A century and a half later, the UP boasts the largest Finnish population outside the motherland and sustains the determined spirit the Finns call sisu–an influence that remains palpable in all 15 UP counties.”

The staff of Finlandia University’s Finnish American Heritage Center (FAHC) takes pride in “being Finnish” for a living. The FAHC actively preserves materials to tell the story of Finnish immigrants in the US. This book offers a small glimpse at the FAHC’s extensive collection while illustrating a spectrum of the experiences of Finns across Michigan’s UP.

Co-operatively Yours (DVD)
$20.00 (+ $5.00 shipping)

“For a century, Settlers Co-op in Bruce Crossing has been the hub of a very Finnish-American community, serving patrons and passers-through at the crossroads of Highways 45 and 28 in the heart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Filmmaker Kristin Ojaniemi, a daughter of the community, captures the history and collective memories of the residents and patrons of the Co-op,  from its humble beginnings in 1917 to the present day.  This film goes beyond one U.P. community; rather, it celebrates the legacy of the Finnish-American co-operative movement in America.”

“Co-operatively Yours” is the second feature-length production by Kristin Lee Ojaniemi (Oja Media), a lifelong resident of Bruce Crossing, Michigan.  She is a graduate of Grand Valley State University and is the Creative Services Director for Channel 12 in Rhinelander, Wisconsin; she also teaches a course in digital video at Nicolet College.

This film was created in collaboration with the Finnish American Heritage Center (FAHC) here at Finlandia University, a national center for the preservation and promotion of Finnish-American and Finnish culture in America.