Embracing the Future

The Martha Wiljanen Community Hall was remodeled in 2013 to include a beautiful hardwood floor; this was the first step in a multi-year, multimillion dollar project dubbed “Home and Hall,” which will result in a major renovation and addition to the current facility. Along with expanding the archival storage space to more than double its existing size, Home and Hall will create new presentation rooms, classroom space for both community enrichment programming and Finlandia University courses. It will also include expanded museum space that will allow for further display of artifacts and artwork.

These updates are designed by world renowned Finnish-American architect David Salmela, who coincindentally began his career working under Eino “Jerry” Jyring, the architect who designed the orignal FAHC. Salmela’s work incorporates the sensibilities of natural light and open-concept design that are recognized as signature elements of Finnish architecture. Along with the enhancements to the existing facility, the completed project will incorporate the university’s North Wind Books retail store, a coffee shop and a fully functioning sauna – bringing the university’s most conspicuous Finnish elements together under one roof.

Be Part of the Home and Hall

Home & Hall is prominent in the scope of Finlandia University’s new seven-year strategic plan. Grounded in Finlandia University’s mission, Plan 2021 is based on a two-fold premise of “Vision” and “Value.” The Vision is one of wholeness, distinctiveness and engagement. Value is grounded upon student-centeredness, with the university’s image and resources as key catalysts to bring vision and value to fruition as we strive to become our best. The campus posture is to authentically embrace and more deliberately evolve meaningful expressions of Finlandia’s Finnish roots and contemporary relations while celebrating and supporting diverse cultural expressions among students, faculty and staff. University strategies incorporated into the plan include student and employee orientation programming about Finlandia’s Finnish-American history and heritage.

The Home & Hall project is supported by the generosity of donors. Join Finlandia University in its continued commitment to preserving and promoting Finnish culture in North America and beyond.

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