Genealogy – the study of family ancestral lines

If you are interested to find out more about your family and heritage, this page offers you many useful tools and resources.

  1. FAHC Online Collections Catalog search

Use the ‘People’ field of the search to look for a particular person or name. Clicking on a name in the results takes you to a page that shows the archive record(s) that the name appears in. To view the record, visit the FAHC archive and ask the archivist to locate the record in question.  This online tool searches the FAHC archive collections catalog for records where the name appears. The database contains the names included in many key genealogic records stored in the FAHC archive. More names are added over time.

  1. FAHC Genealogy Indices

While the database of names and resources searchable online is being expanded, this page offers indices of names for various records housed in the FAHC.

  1. External sources for genealogic research

These links represent some of the online resources that are often used by the staff in the archive. The websites listed are not affiliated with the FAHC.

  1. Ask the archivist

In case the resources listed above do not yield the results you are looking for, visit the FAHC archive or contact the archivist