Finding Aids – Archival Collections

Archival Collections

Finding Aids representing the Finnish American Historical Archive and Museum’s Archival collection.  Below you will find live finding aids for selected series in the Archive’s collection, including the often used S-Series for Music and Musicians and the T-Series containing personal papers.

An updated inventory of every series is not yet available, though a former directory can be found here: Finnish American Historical Archive Collections, a finding aid dating from 1999-2002, hosted by The Genealogical Society of Finland.

Selected Manuscript Collections

Historic Photograph Collection


Archive Series Index:

While not every series has a complete finding aid at present, the list below gives a general overview of the Archive’s record and manuscript collection topics.

A – Suomi Synod Churches
B – Other Churches (not Suomi Synod or Laestadian/Apostolic)
C – Lutheran Church in America
D – Lutheran World Federation
E – Individual Suomi Synod Pastors
H – Finnish National Temperance Societies
I – Upper Peninsula Misc. Finnish Affairs
J – Illness, Injury, Burial Organizations
K – Workers’ Organizations
L – Cooperatives
M – Farmers’ Groups
N – Young People’ Organizations
O – Organizations, Other
R – Historical Societies and Museums
S – Music and Musicians
T – Personal Papers and Manuscripts
U – Laestadian / Apostolic Lutheran Churches
V – Help Finland and Finnish Relief, World War II
X – Finn Fest Festivals
Z – Knights and Ladies of Kaleva