Teaching & Learning Professional Development Certificate

Make a difference in the life of a learner through today's best practices


With our Teaching & Learning Professional Development certificate, e-learners will discover a variety of teaching strategies, rediscover their joy for teaching, overcome their fear of technology and work to become a more efficient and effective teacher. E-learners will discover current best practices in teaching to use with the students or faculty they serve to provide the best possible learning outcomes.

This is not a teaching degree but a program that is designed to provide teachers with updates to their teaching style and the tools to incorporate best practices into their lessons. Even our best teachers need fresh, new ideas that can be integrated into lessons. Our ever-changing society requires educators to stay updated on the best ways to reach their students.

This certificate will serve you well if you are a teacher in the K-12 sphere, higher education, or even homeschool realm, the tools and skills learned in this certificate program will help increase motivation and interest in learning for any aged student.

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While the certificate is applicable for any age, teachers working in K-12 who need continuing education credit will receive the equivalent of 45 hours of professional development credit* after completing the Teaching & Professional Development certificate.

*While several states have confirmed that our Teaching & Learning Professional Development courses are accepted toward teacher certifications and endorsements, please check with your own state agency and your school district for applicability if you plan to use this program for continuing education or professional development credit hours.


The Teaching & Learning Professional Development certificate is designed with the working professional in mind. This certificate consists of four online classes that explore the world of education. The classes are five weeks long, ongoing and back-to-back. E-learners may wish to take two courses simultaneously and complete the certificate in as few as 10 weeks. Courses may also be completed one at a time for completion in 20 weeks.

Not interested in a full certificate but want to brush up on a specific skill? Courses are available á la carte! Simply select the course(s) you want to take and check out.


Each course costs $399 and includes all necessary materials. The total cost for the Teaching & Learning Professional Development certificate is $1,596, with no additional charges for textbooks or hidden fees.

Certificate programs are not eligible for Federal Student Aid.

Learning Styles & Differentiation

The purpose of this course is to collect data on various learning preferences within ourselves and those we teach. Building this foundation drives the teacher to understand and apply differentiation when needed. In turn, students are able to grow in their learning and reach intended objectives.

Applies to all age learners

**This is one of four courses for a full certificate.

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Aligning Assessments to Goals/Objectives

Defining a true assessment to the objective in focus is also known as the goal in a lesson. This course will build confidence in utilizing assessments that align well and apply them to real learning experience.

Applies to all age learners

**This is one of four courses for a full certificate.

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Methods & Strategies in Teaching

The purpose of gathering various methods in the classroom is to ensure that we have the power to develop confidence in the students’ learning, while depending on strategies to secure the objective and its purpose in a lesson.

Applies to all age learners

**This is one of four courses for a full certificate.

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Integrating Technology in the Learning Environment

This course helps teachers understand and effectively apply technology in today’s classroom. We’ll look at various tools that can be brought into the learning environment in which you teach.

Applies to all age learners

**This is one of four courses for a full certificate.

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