Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

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The Office is dedicated to developing our learning community’s transformational culture; driven by assessment, guided by data, improving academic excellence, spiritual growth, and service for Finlandia University.


The Office will identify and support information needs through collection, analysis, and reporting that supports assessment, strategic planning, and decision-making that is informed and further develops the institution’s data culture.

The Office is charged with not only collection and analysis but also accurate circulation and distribution of data that is explicit and supportive to the needs of the university and all required reporting agencies.


Transforming and empowering our students is at the core of everything we do here at Finlandia University. Assessment is brought to bear upon this campus to ensure our mission is reflected in every aspect of the learning community. The Office of Institutional Research (IR) and Assessment direct and coordinate a system of institution-wide policies, programs, and services that assure and maintain Finlandia’s dedication to academic excellence, spiritual growth, and service. These objectives will serve the Office’s goal to strengthen our learning community through unified, on-going engagement, and improvements.

In order to effectively deliver Finlandia University’s mission to our students The Office of IR and Assessment is committed, first and foremost, to empowering Faculty, Administration, and all staff, at all levels. Through the Higher Learning Commission’s accreditation process, which integrates a stringent report from us, the Assurance Argument, and from HLC site-review teams, our learning community is held accountable to a continually reviewed and updated set of best practice standards and mandates. The vision and mission of the Office are oriented to assuring these requirements are met, maintained, and understood throughout Finlandia’s campus.

The HLC Assurance System is both a starting block and a series of end-points in the process of assessment. For Finlandia University the accreditation process addresses our strengths, performance, and points of concern. By providing an argument and coordinating university-wide activities that assures our compliance with HLC accreditation standards, the Office of IR and Assessment will operate essentially as a tool to improve Finlandia across the board; a tool to transform our entire learning community, making it more efficient and effective for our students and those who serve them.



IR Duties and Functions (AIR – Association For Institutional Research)

How IR Helps Finlandia


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