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Finnish American Historical Archive Vertical File

Vertical File is mostly maintained by student worker Megan Ott, assisted by volunteers Pete Stubbs and C.R. R.  The newspaper clippings and other ephemera come to the Archive from a variety of sources.  If you have items that you think the Archive may be interested in, please e-mail the archivist.

Aalto, Alvar (architect)
Aapinen, Suomi College reference
Accordions in the Cutover (field recording album)
Adventure Mining Company, Greenland, MI
Aho, Eric (artist)
Aho genealogy
Aho, Kalevi (composer)
Ahola genealogy
Ahonen Carriage Works (Sue Ahonen), Makinen, Minn.
Ahonen, Derek (playwright)
Ahtila, Eija-Liisa (filmmaker)
Ahtisaari, Martti (politician)
"A Karelian Christmas" (play)
Ala-Hiiro, Juho Wallfried (pilot)
Alanen, Arnold
Alanko genealogy
Alatalo genealogy
"Alku" Finnish Home Building Association, New York, N.Y.
Allan Line
" The American Dream" (play)
American Finnish Tourist Club, Inc.
American Lutheran Publicity Bureau
American Tract Society
American Union of Swedish Singers
American-Scandinavian Foundation
The American Swedish Institute
Ameriikan Poijat (brass band)
Amerikan Uutiset
Ammala genealogy
Anderson, Claes (poet)
Anderson genealogy, Lac La Belle, Mich.
Anderson, John R. genealogy
Anderzén, Sölve
Antell genealogy
Antikainen, Toivo (political activist)
Anttila genealogy
Appelberg genealogy
Appelö genealogy
Architecture, Finnish American
Arctic Centre and Provincial Museum of Lapland, Rovaniemi
Arfman genealogy
Aro, Casey (musician)
Arrowhead Toboggan & Sled Co., Carlton, Minn.
Ashtabula County Genealogical Society, Inc.
Ashtabula, Ohio
Asiala genealogy
Aspasia Books
Auel, Jean (author)
Aukee, Josef (poet)
Aura Seura, Voluntown, Conn.
Autio, Rudy (cermic artist)

BAFN-Bay Area Finnish Network, San Francisco, Cali.
Bajari genealogy
Bashmakov, Leonid (composer)
Bay Area Lutheran Ministry, Baraga, Mich.
Báiki (Saami-American newsletter)
Bedford's, Helsinki (American Grocery in Finland)
Beldo genealogy
Benedict, Elinor (author)
Bergman, Erik (composers)
Berkeley, Cali.
Berry, R. Michael (author)
Birkarls genealogy
"The Boarding House" [Ruokatalossa] (play)
Book Concern Printers / Finnish Lutheran Book Concern
Borg, Tor (owner of dog that mocked Hitler)
Borgström, Harry (composer)
Bosley, Keith (British author of 'Wanton Loverboy', based on Lemminkäinen)
Boullion-Baker, Jari (adopted son of Josephine Baker and owner Chez Josephine)
"The Bowed Psaltery"
Braden, Tamar Mykkanen (author)
Brander, Hilkka (ryijy weaver)
Brantwood Co-op Park Association
Brantwood, Wisconsin
Brask, Willard (pianist)
Bread and bread-making
"Bread of Niskavuori" (play)
Britten, Rhonda Wiitanen (author & actress)
Bruce Crossing, Michigan
Brule, Wisc.
Bumper stickers
Buranen genealogy
Bäck, Johannes
Bäckmand genealogy

CIMO (Finnish Center for International Mobility)
Calamnius Family Association (Calamnius-sukusevrary)
Calgary Finlandia Social Club
Calumet Theatre, Calumet, Mich.
Calumet, Mich.
Canada, Finns in
Canadan Sanomat
Canadian Nordic Society
Carlton County (Minn.) Historical Society
Cemeteries, Finnish Apostolic Lutheran Cemetary, Camp Township Renville County, Minn
Cemeteries, Finnish Heritage Cemetery, Conquest, Sask.
Cemeteries, Hecla Cemetery, Laurium, Mich.
Centennial Farms, Davenport-Ripatti
The Center for Scandinavian Studies at North Park University
Central Mine / Central Location, Keweenaw County Hist. Soc.
Central Wisconsin Finnish American Club
Chassell Historical Organization, Heritage Center and Museum
Cheese/Squeaky Cheese (juustoa)
Choral Societies and Choirs
Christmas Trees
The Church of Christ, Scientist
Churches, American Lutheran Church, Southern Wisconsin District
Churches, ALCA, Apostolic Lutheran Churches of America
Churches, Cali., Berkeley, Lutheran Church Of the Cross
Churches, Cali., El Centro, Grace Lutheran
Churches, Cali., Los Angeles, Finnnish Lutheran Church Of L.A.
Churches, Cali., San Diego, First Lutheran Church
Churches, Cali., Sun Valley, Finnish Valley Lutheran Church
Churches, ELCA, Archives
Churches, ELCA, East Metropolitan Minn. Synod
Churches, ELCA, Finlandia University
Churches, ELCA, Greater Milwaukee Synod
Churches, ELCA, North Carolina Synod
Churches, ELCA, Northern Great Lakes Synod
Churches, ELCA, Pacific Synod
Churches, ELCA, St. Paul Area Synod
Churches, ELCA, West Synod of Wisconsin
Churcehs, ELCA, Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Churches, Finland, Helsinki, Johanneksen Seurakunta
Churches, Finland, Turku, Orthodox
Churches, Flor., Lake Worth, Finnish Pentecostal Church
Churches, Illi., DeKalb, Bethany Evangelical Lutheran
Churches, Illi., DeKalb, Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Churches, Karelia, Ilomantsi Orthodox
Churches, LCA [Lutheran Church of America]
Churches, LCA, Wisconsin- Upper Michigan Synod
Churches, LLC, Laestadian Lutheran Church
Churches, Maine, South Paris, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
Churches, Maine, South Thomaston, Finnnish Congregational Church
Churches, Mass., Cape Cod, First Lutheran Church
Churches, Mass., Gardner, Bethel Lutheran Church
Churches, Mass., Gardner, Finnnish Evangelical Lutheran Church
Churches, Mass., Gloucester, St. Paul Lutheran Church
Churches, Mass., Maynard Evangelical Lutheran Church
Churches, Mass., West Barnstable, First Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Amasa, Sion Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Bessemer, Sharon Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Brevort, Trinity Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Calumet, Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Calumet, Faith Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Calumet, First Apostolic Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Calumet, Old Apostolic Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Chassell, Holy Trinity Lut. Church
Churches, Mich., Crystal Falls, Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Detroit, Bethlehem Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Detroit, Finnnish Evangelical Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Detroit, St. John's Lutheran, Church
Churches, Mich., Escanaba, Bethany Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Hancock, Apostolic Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Hancock, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Hancock, Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Church Of Quincy
Churches, Mich., Hancock, St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Houghton, Good Shepard Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Ishpeming, Bethel Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Jacobsville, Jacobsville Chapel / Finnish Ev. Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Keweenaw, Bethany Lutheran Church of the Keweenaw
Churches, Mich., Marquette, Messiah Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Mass City, St. Paul's Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Mohawk, Bethany Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Negaunee, Finnnish Evangelical Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Negaunee, Immanuel Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Newberry, Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., Rock, Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church
Churches, Mich., South Range, Grace Lutheran Church
Churches, Minn. Hibbing, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Churches, Minn., Angora, Alango-Field Evangelical Lutheran Church
Churches, Minn., Cherry, Bethel Lutheran Church
Churches, Minn., Duluth, Messiah Lutheran Church
Churches, Minn., Eveleth, Concordia Evangelical Lutheran Church
Churches, Minn., Hibbing, Finnish Lutheran Church
Churches, Minn., Iron, Alaus Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church
Churches, Minn., Kingston, The Apostolic Lut. Ch. of Kingston
Churches, Minn., Minneapolis, Central Lutheran Church
Churches, Minn., Minneapolis, Morgan Ave. Lutheran Church
Churches, Minn., Mountain Iron, Messiah Lutheran Church
Churches, Minn., New York Mills, St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church
Churches, Minn., Virginia, Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Churches, New Hampshire, Fitzwilliam, Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church
Churches, New Hampshire, Troy, Trinitarian Congregational Church
Churches, N.Y., NYC, Finn. Church Of New York
Churches, Ohio, Ashtabula, Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church
Churches, Ohio, Ashtabula, Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church
Churches, Ohio, Cleveland, Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church
Churches, Ohio, Conneaut, Finnish Lutheran Church
Churches, Ohio, Fairport Harbor, Suomi Zion Lut. Church
Churches, Ohio, Warren, St. Mark Lutheran Church
Churches, Oreg., Astoria, Zion Lutheran
Churches, Saskatchewan, Wapella, St. John's New Finland Lutheran Church
Churches, Suomi Synod
Churches, Suomi Synod, [The Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church]
Churches, Suomi Synod, Lutheran Guild of the Suomi Synod
Churches, ULCA (United Lutheran Church of America)
Churches, Wash., Seattle, Finnish Lut. Ch.
Churchill, Winston
Clinton, Bill
Cloquet, Minn.
Cloquet, Minn., Mojakka Cook-Off
Coan, Sheree (ryijy / finnish rag rug maker)
Cobalt, Ontario
Cokato Finnish American Historical Society
Cokato, Minn.
Colorado Superior Mining Co.
Colportage Press, Inc
Complaints Choir
Conception Patterns, Finland
Concordia Language Villages
Conferences, The Finnish Experience in the Western Great Lakes Region
Conferences, "The Making of Finnish America: An Ethnic Culture in Transition"
Conrad, Pastor Evald J.
Co-operative Publishing Association, Superior, Wisc.
Copper Country / Kuparisaari, Mich., Finns in
Copper Country Community Arts Council
Copper Country Trail National Byway Committee
Copper Range Historical Society and Museum
Copper Strike, 1913
Coppertown U.S.A.
Crego genealogy
Cruise Ship Construction
Crystal Falls, Mich., Finnish Pioneers Memorial

Da Yoopers
Daavettila genealogy
Daflessen, Mr. (early mining company agent to Scandinavia)
Dalkey Archive Press
Davidson genealogy
Davidson Windmill (Old-Brule Heritage Society, Inc.), Maple, Wisc.
Davis, Barbara J. (author)
de Godzinsky, George (composer)
Delaware Copper Mine
Detroit, Mich.
Detroit, Mich., Kaleva Park
Dickson genealogy, South Dakota
Domestic Servants
Don Hall, Toronto, Ontario
Donner, Henrik Otto (composer)
Drummond Island
Duluth Seaway Port Authority

Eagle Harbor Light Station
Easteden, Anna (actress, model)
Ecomerical Press Service
Education, Music
Eggie, Herbert (author)
Ekdahl genealogy
Ekholm genealogy
Ekonen, Tauno (violin maker)
The Eli Wirtanen Finnish Farmstead
Ellis Island
Elo, Jorma (choreographer)
Eloheimo, John W.
Elsila genealogy
Elson, Rev. Wilho Z.
Ely Steam Bath, Ely, Minn.
Ely, Minn., Mukluk Ball
Embarrass, Minn.
Emigration History Research Center, University of Turku
Empie, Arlene Sundquist (Author)
Enberg, Dick (sports commentator)
Englund, Einar (composer)
Erikson, Arnold (author)
Erickson genealogy
Erkkila genealogy, Calumet, Mich.
Erpestad geneaology
"Escanaba in Da Moonlight" (movie and play)
Esko Historical Museum
Esko, Minn.
Ethnic Heritage Festival, Grand Rapids, Mich.
Evas, Susan E. (Arteles Creative Center artist in residence)

F.J. McLain State Park, Hancock, Michigan
Fagerholm, Phil (artist)
Festival of American Folklife
Finger Lakes Finns
Finland, Brochures
Finland, Cinema
Finland, Climate
Finland, Contemporary Art
Finland, Culture
Finland, Culture, Children
Finland, Education
Finland, Finnish Dress/National Costumes
Finland, Food
Finland, Gay Rights
Finland, General Information
Finland, Government
Finland, Health Care
Finland, Independence
Finland, Law Enforcement / Gun Control
Finland, Minn.
Finland, Minn. Heritage Site
Finland, Nature
Finland, Nuclear Energy
Finland, parenting
Finland, Technology
Finland, Tourism
Finland, Travel to
Finlandia Days, Florida
Finlandia Foundation
Finlandia Foundation, Colorado
Finlandia Foundation, National Capitol Chapter
Finlandia Foundation, New York Chapter
Finlandia Foundation, New York Metropolitan Chapter
Finlandia Foundation, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
Finlandia Male Chorus of Detroit
Finlandia Male Chorus of Finland
Finlandia Ranch, Ashton, Idaho
Finlandia University, 1642 Bible
Finlandia University, Alumni Events 
Finlandia University, Architecture/Eliel Saarinen
Finlandia University, Athletics
Finlandia University, Board of Directors
Finlandia University, Business Administration
Finlandia University, Campus Ministry
Finlandia University, Catering
Finlandia University, Choir/Chorus
Finlandia University, Commencement exercies
Finlandia University, Community Partners Meeting
Finlandia University, Course Offerings
Finlandia University, Disability Student Services
Finlandia University, Financial Aid
Finlandia University, Fine Arts
Finlandia University, Finlandia Hall
Finlandia University, Finnish Council
Finlandia University, First Building/ Maki's Steam Building
Finlandia University, Flu Prevention
Finlandia University, Founder's Day
Finlandia University, Fundraising
Finlandia University Galleries
Finlandia University, General Information
Finlandia University, Grants and Other Support
Finlandia University, History
Finlandia University, Hoover Center
Finlandia University, International School of Art & Design
Finlandia University, International School of Business
Finlandia University, Maki Library
Finlandia University, Missionary Work (incl. Tanzania)
Finlandia University, name change from Suomi College
Finlandia University, National Press
Finlandia University, Nikander Hall
Finlandia University, "Nordic Venture" boat
Finlandia University, Nursing/Physical Therapy
Finlandia University, Old Main
Finlandia University, Outdoors Club
Finlandia University, Paavo Nurmi Center
Finlandia university, Presidents
Finlandia University, Programs and Invitations (events)
Finlandia University, Programs and Majors
Finlandia University, Promotional Materials
Finlandia University, Sibelius Academy Music Festival
Finlandia University, Staff Directories
Finlandia University, Student Activities
Finlandia University, Student Life
Finlandia University, Study Abroad Program
Finlandia University, The Sulo and Aileen Maki Library
Finlandia University, TRIO Student Support Services
Finlandia University, White Pine Room
Finn Fest 1983
Finn Fest 1984
Finn Fest 1987
Finn Fest 1990
Finn Fest 1993
Finn Fest 1996
Finn Fest 2004
Finn Fest 2007
Finn Fest 2008
Finn Fest 2009
Finn Fest 2010
Finn Fest 2011
Finn Fest 2012
Finn Fest 2013
Finn Fest USA, general information
Finn Funn Weekend
Finn Grand Fest 2005
Finn Grand Fest 2010
Finn Hall Band (musical group)
Finnilä genealogy
Finnish Americana (journal)
Finnish American Chamber of Commerce, Florida
Finnish American dating
Finnish American Folk Festival
Finnish American Heritage Center
Finnish American Heritage Center, Finnish Folk Music Camp
Finnish American Heritage Center, Nordic Film Festival
Finnish American Heritage Society of Maine
Finnish American Historical Archive
Finnish American Historical Society of Hiawathaland
Finnish American Historical Society of Michigan, Inc.
Finnish American Mining Co.
Finnish American Music
Finnish-American place names
Finnish American Reporter
Finnish American Rest Home, Inc., Lake Worth, Flor.
Finnish-Americans (general)
Finnish American Singers
Finnish-American Society of Helsinki, Finland
Finnish American Society of Western Central Michigan
Finnish Business Report
Finnish Canadian Grand Festival
Finnish Canadian Rest Home Association
Finnish Center Association, Farmington Hills, Mich.
Finnish Center at Saima Park, Fitchburg, Mass.
Finnish Choral Societies and Choirs
Finnish Council in America
Finnish Credit Union, Ltd.
Finnish Daily Publishing Co., Duluth, Minn.
Finnish Diaspora, Russia and Russian Alaska
Finnish Diaspora, United States
The Finnish Emigrant Museum, Seinäjoki, Finland
Finnish Ex-Patriate Parliament
Finnish Folk Festival, Naselle, Wash.-Astoria, Oreg.
Finnish Folk Music Camp
Finnish Heritage Diseases
Finnish Heritage House, South Thomaston, Maine
Finnish Heritage Museum, Fairport Harbor, Ohio
Finnish Heritage Society, Sovittaja
Finnish Immigrants' and Seamen's Service (Suomalaisen siirtolais-ja merimiesyhdistyksen puolesta)
Finnish Language, The
Finnish Language Classes
The Finnish National Brothers Temperance Association of America
Finnish North American Literature Association
Finnish products & advertising
Finnish Race (Mongol controversy)
Finnish Relief, pre-WWII era
Finnish Relief, WWII era (see also V series)
Finnish Seamens' Union
Finnposium Lecture Series
Finns in Northern Norway, Kvens
Finnsheep/Finnish Laudrace
Fitchburg, Mass., Cemetery
Flint, Petri (painter)
Floridan Karjalaiset r.y
Ford, Gerald
"Forest Finns"
Forster, Heimo
The Freda Park Train
Fredd genealogy
Fredd, Mats
Fredendall, Phyllis
Frederickson genealogy
Friends of the Land of the Keweenaw
Frimodig, Mac

Gallen-Kallelan Museo
Gallen-Kallela, Akseli
Gardner, Mass.
Gardens and Gardening
Gawboy, Carl (artist)
Genealogy, DNA Testing
Genealogy, Erkki Koivisto Lapland Research
General Mannerheim's League for Child Welfare
Geranen genealogy
Gerberick, M. Ekola. (artist)
Germfask, Mich.
Ghosts and Hauntings
Gottland, Carl Axel
Granroth genealogy
Gratiot Lake Conservancy
Gräsbeck, Gottfrid (composer)
Great Lakes Showcase
Gren genealogy
Gripenberg, Alexandra
Guest, Edgar A. (poet)
Guggenheim Museum
Gummerus Publishing
Gustafson genealogy

Haapala, Neil (artist)
Haapaniemi, Peter (author)
Haapasaari genealogy
Haarala genealogy
Haavikko, Paavo (author)
Haavisto, Riitta-Liisa and Anna-Riitta (artists)
Hagel, Israel
Hakala genealogy
Hakalahti genealogy
Hakkarinen genealogy (Titanic passengers)
Hakkinen/Hackman genealogy
Hakola genealogy
Halonen, Tarja
Haltunen genealogy
Hamalainen, Anna (Mrs. John) (Detroit Titanic survivor)
Hämeenniemi, Eero (composer)
Hancock, Mich.
Hancock, Mich., Business and Professional Association
Hancock, Mich., Community Arts Center
Hanka Family
Hanka Finnish Homestead Museum
Hannikainen, Tavno (conductor)
Hannula genealogy, Woodland/Boston Location, Mich.
Hannula, Reino Nikola (author, socialist organizer)
Hanson, John (President of U.S. Continental Congress)
Harjala genealogy
Harju, Vilho (cranberry farmer)
Haro genealogy
Hatula genealogy
Hauta-aho, Teppo (composer)
Hautala, Aaron W. (photographer)
Heidemann, Pastor A.L.
Heikka genealogy
Heikkilä genealogy, Oulainen, Finland
Heikkila, William (deported and returned draftsman)
Heikkinen, Elmer
Heikkinen, Harold H. (photographer)
Heikkinen, Jacob (theologian)
Heininen, Paavo (composer)
Heino, John (photographer)
Heino, Otto and Vivika (pottery maker)
Heiniö, Mikko (composer)
Heiskari genealogy
Hekkanen, Ernest
Helakoski genealogy
Helander, Yeshe (painter)
Hellman, Hugo
Help Finland
Helsingin Yliopisto
Helsinki Chorus
Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki University
Helsinki University Chorus
Herlevi genealogy
"Herra Puntila & His Man Matti" (play)
Hietala genealogy
Hill/Johannesdahl genealogy
Hiltunen genealogy
Hirvela genealogy
Historical Society of Michigan
"History of the Finns in Michigan" by Armas Holmio
Hjemkomst Festival (Moorhead, Minn.)
Hobart, New York
Hoglund, A. William
Hoito Restaurant, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Hokkanen genealogy
Holli, Melvin
Holm genealogy
Holmio, Armas
Honkala genealogy
Honkavaara genealogy
Hoover, Dr. Vaino A.
Horisontti Magazine
Hotel Kakslauttanen in Saariselka, Lapland, Finland
Houghton County Historical Museum
Houghton-Keweenaw Conservation District
Houghton-Keweenaw Genealogical Society
Höynä genealogy
Huhta genealogy
Huhta-Gustafson genealogy
Humina Band, Ashtabula, Ohio
Hurja, Emil
Hutri, Armas (wood mosaic, Vaalijala church, Finland)
Huutolaislapsi (orphan auctions)
Hyppy Seuralaiset (Russian Jumpers)
Hyttinen, Hannu (dancer)

Iitala crystal
Ikola, Jaako Oskari aka. Vaasan Jaako (cartoonist, author)
Immonen, Gerald (artist)
Immonen, Riitta (clothing designer)
Impola genealogy
Institute of Migration, Finland
International Order of Runeberg
Iron River, Mich.
Isaac, Rev. Edward
Isaacson genealogy
Isaacson-Koljonen genealogy
Ishpeming, Mich.
Iso-Ahola, Leena (artist)
Isokoski, Soile (musician)
Itkonen, Tiina (Greenland explorer & filmmaker)
I.W.W. (Industrial Workers of the World / Wobblies)
IXL Historical Museum, Hermansville, Mich.

Jaakkola genealogy
Jaasko genealogy
Jackson, Gloria
Jalkanen, Pekka (composer)
Jalkanen, Ralph J.
Jalonen-Nieminen genealogy
Jarvenpaa, Aili
Jarvenpaa genealogy
Jarvi, Diane (musician)
Jarvikorpi-Urro genealogy
Jarvinen, Tauno (author)
Jauhiainen genealogy
Johansson, Bengt (composer)
Johnson, Andrew (one of Suomi College's founders)
Johnson, Gordon (author)
Johnson, Phillip
Jokamiehenoikeudet (Finnish public use of lands)
Joki, Pekka E. Captain (author)
Jokinen, Erkki (composer)
Jotuni, Maria
Journal of Finnish Studies
Jova genealogy
Juhannus/Mid-Summer Festival/St. John's Celebration
Junttila genealogy
Junttonen genealogy
Juntunen genealogy
Juopperi genealogy
Jutila genealogy
Juukkonen genealogy
Jyrkiäinen, Reijo (composer)

Kahkonen/Kähkönen genealogy
Kaipainen, Jouni (composer)
Kaivama (Finnish-American Folk Duo)
Kaleva Day, Washington D.C.
Kaleva, Mich.
Kaleva, Mich. Historical Museum or Society/Makinen Bottle House
Kalevala, The
Kallainen genealogy
Kallatsa, (Matson) genealogy
Kallinen genealogy
Kamarainen Hall, South Range, Mich.
Kananen genealogy
Kandelin genealogy
Kangas, Matt genealogy
Kangas, Melvin
Kangas, Paul (news reporter)
Kangasluoma genealogy
Kanniainen genealogy
Kansan Raamattuseuran Ystävät
Kantola, Carl (inventor)
Kantor, Dina (photographer)
Karelian Fever
Karelian Finnish, Cyrillic Alphabet
Karhu genealogy
Karinen, Pete (actor)
Karjala genealogy
Karkkainen/Kärkkäinen genealogy
Karvonen genealogy
Karvonen genealogy, Deerton, Mich.
Karvonen, Veikko (athlete)
Kaski genealogy
Kaskinen-Chapman, Ann (cookbook author)
Kaslin, Desi (artist)
Katchadourian, Stina (author, journalist)
Katrillit, FinnishFolkDancers, Florida
Kaukonen, Jorma (musician)
Kaunonen, Gary
Kauppinen genealogy
Kauppi genealogy
Kaups, Matti (author)
Kaurismäki, Aki (filmmaker)
Keeteri genealogy
Kekkonen, Urho (politician)
Keljo, Rev. Karlo J.
Kemijärvi, Finland
Kempainen/Kemppainen genealogy
Kemppainen, Rev. Rudolph
Keranen genealogy
Kero genealogy
Keweenaw Convention and Visitors Bureau
Keweenaw Co-op
Keweenaw County, Mich.
Keweenaw County Historical Society
Keweenaw Land Trust
Keweenaw National Historical Park Heritage Sites
Kinnunen, Gerald (painter of "Meditation")
Kirkollinen Kalenteri
Kitti genealogy
Kivela/Kivelä genealogy
Kivi, Aleksis
Kivajat (childrens' dance troupe)
Kiviniemi genealogy
Kivioja, Hanna (dancer)
Kiviranta, Eelu (Finnish-American poet)
Knights of Kaleva
Knuttila, Kathryn (Beauty Pageant Contestant)
Koivistoinen, Eero (composer)
Koivu, Rudolf (artist)
Koivuniemi, Mika (bowler)
Kokko, Yrjö (author)
Kokkonen genealogy
Kokkonen, Joonas (composer)
Kola, Vaino (artist)
Kolehmainen, John I.
Kolehmainen genealogy
Komppa, Kari, Composers
Komsi, Anu (musician)
Komulainen genealogy
Kopra, Timothy L. (astronaut)
Korhonen, Henry (stuntman)
Korpela genealogy
Korpi, Bernice
Korri genealogy
Kortekangas, Olli (composer)
Kortes-Erkkila, Helmi (author)
Korva/Hendrickson genealogy
Koskenalusta, Karrina
Koskenmaki, Joyce
Koski genealogy (Hancock, Mich.)
Koski genealogy (Manitoba)
Koski-Holmes, Gladys (artist)
Koski, Louis (Finnish-American composer)
Koskinen, John (chairman, Y2K Commission)
Koskinmaki, Joyce (artist)
Kosola genealogy
Kostantinou, Julian (author)
Kotelko, Olga (nonagenarian athlete)
Kotila genealogy
Kovaniemi, Finland
Kriiku, Kari (musician)
Kuganpaa genealogy
Kukkonen genealogy
Kukkonen genealogy (Hancock, Mich.)
Kulla genealogy
Kumpula genealogy
Kvaens (Finns in Northern Norway)
Kuopio, Finland
Kuorikoski-Koski genealogy
Kuortti, Aatami (Ingrian pastor)
Kuparisaari, Kultamaa (play)
Kuparisaari triathlon
Kurikka, Finland
Kuula, Toivo (composer)
Kuusisto, Ilkka (composer)
Kylander, Arthur (musician)
Kyllonen genealogy
Kylmala-Johnson genealogy
Kyyn/Kyy/Keen, Yrjänä (New Sweden flag-maker)

Laamanen genealogoy
LaBounty, Larry (kantele maker)
Ladies of Kaleva
Laestadianism/Apostolic Lutheranism
Laestadius, Lars-Levi
Lahti genealogy
Lahti, Christine (actress)
Lahti, Finland
Lahti Retreat Center
Lahtinen, William (Pastor and victim of Titanic sinking)
Laine genealogy
Laitinen genealogy
Lake Superior
Lake Worth, Flor.
Lamppa Manufacturing, Tower, Minn. (furnace manufacturers)
Lampi genealogy
Lampinen genealogy
Langseth, Rev. R.V.
Lapland (Lappi), Finland
Lapuan Nuorisokuoro [Lapua, Finland Youth Choir]
Larson, Raymond J., Atlantic Mine, Mich.
Laskiainen Finnish Sliding Festival, Palo, Minn.
Laukka genealogy
Laukki genealogy
Laurila genealogy
Laurium, Mich.
League of Finnish-American Societies
Leander genealogy
Lehtinen, Dexter (environmentalist)
Lehto, Steve (author and attorney)
Leivo, Seppo (juggler)
Lemberg, Rosa
Lepisto genealogy
Leppäla, Vesa
Leskiainen Finnish Sliding Festival
Lesser, Rika (poet)
Library of Michigan
Liedes, Liisa (author)
Lielahti Power Plant, Tempere, Finland
Liesmaki genealogy
Liikala genealogy
Liikkala, Finland
Liimata/Liimatainen genealogy
Liimatta, Rev. Elmer R.
Liisanatti genealogy
Lilley, Aune Esther (author)
Lind genealogy
Lindberg, Magnus (composer)
Lindeman, Osmo (composer)
Lindquist genealogy
Lindroos genealogy
Linjama, Jonko (composer)
Linkola, Jukka (composer)
Linkola, Pentti (environmentalist)
Linna genealogy
Literature, Finnish
Litous genealogy
Little Gem Theater, Lake Linden, Mich.
Liukku genealogy
Lofback genealogy
Lokke genealogy
Lost Tribes of Israel (theories)
Loukinen, Michael (filmmaker)
Lukkari, Matti (author)
Lukkarila genealogy
"Lumberjack's Life" (play)
Lundberg, Rich of NorSauna (sauna maker)
Lundeen, John (artist)
Luokinen, Michael/Up North Films
Luoma, Eva (photographer)
Luther League
Lutheran Brotherhood
Luukkonen genealogy
Luusua genealogy
Lyrics (songs without music)
Lyytikainen genealogy
Längelmäki, Finland
Lönnrot, Elias

MacDougall, Sylvia Borgström (author)
Macky, Lance (sled dog musher)
Makela genealogy (Wyoming)
Maki Bathhouse (sauna) (Hancock, Mich.)
Maki genealogy
Maki, Roger (Cloquet, Minn.)
Maki, Sulo and Aileen
Makinen, John H. (Kaleva, Mich. Bottle House)
Makinen, Minn.
Makinen/Mäkinen genealogy
Malinen, Ontrei (rune singer)
Malkosaari / Sointula, B.C. (Utopian colony)
Mallinen genealogy
Malmivaara, Bishop Vaino Rafael
Mangle, Mangle Boards
Mankinen genealogy
Manner, Eeva-Liisa (poet)
Mannerheim, Marshall Gustaf
Mannerheim Museum
Mannermaa, Lauri
Mannisto genealogy
Marcus/Markuksela genealogy
Markham/Colvin Township, Minn.
Martenson, Lasse (composer)
Martikainen, Aino (photographer)
Matanuska Valley, Alas.
Matson genealogy
Mattila (geneaology)
Mattila, Karita (musician)
Mattila, Wynne (weaver)
Mattila, Yalmer (Mattila Contracting)
Mattinen, Tauno (composer)
Mattson, Matti (Spanish Civil War soldier (Abr. Lincoln brigade), Eteenpäin artist)
Maukonen/Mäki genealogy
Maunu genealogy
Maunu, Jerry (conservationist)
McKinnon, Georgia
Merikanto, Aare (composer)
Merikanto, Oscar
Meriläinen, Usko (composer)
Mesaba Range Co-Op Park
Metla: Finnish Forest Research Institute
Meänkieli (dialect)
Michigan eLibrary,
Michigan Oral History Association
Michigan State University Press
Michigan Technological University Archives & Copper Country Historical Collections
Michigan, Piirin Nuorisoliitto [Young People's Association of Mich]
Mickelson, Rev. Andrew
Miekkasaari genealogy
Mikkola genealogy
The Mineral Museum of Michigan, Michigan Technological University
Mining accidents
Mining, Activism and Environmentalism
Mining Companies, Copper Country
Minkkinen, Arno
Minneapolis, Minn.
Minnesota Finnish-American Historical Society (MFAHS)
Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships
Moilanen genealogy
Mojakka/Kalamojakka (Finnish-American stew)
Mononen, Sakari (composer)
Montessori education
Monty Python ("Finland, Finland, Finland" song, Spamalot musical, etc.)
Moomin (Finnish cartoon)
Morton, John (signer of the Declaration of Independence)
Multicultural Festival, Hancock, Mich.
Murmansk, Russia
Mustonen, Leo (businessman)
Mustonen, Molly (actress, musician)
Mustonen, Olli (musician)
Myrskog, Hans
Mäkitupalainen/renki/farmhand (Finnish occupation)
Mälkki, Susanna (composer)

Naasko genealogy
The National Finnish-American Festival, Inc.
Närä Foundation, Dr. Robert Nara
Nelimark Homestead Farm, Embarrass, Minn.
New Port Richey, Flor.
Newberry, Mich.
Newman/Nyman genealogy
Newspapers, Finnish-American
Newspapers, Finnish-Canadian
New Sweden colony
New York, N.Y.
New York Työväen Näyttämö (Worker's Stage of New York)
Niemi, Bruce (sculptor)
Niemi, Kristel (musician)
Niemela genealogy
Niinimaa genealogy
Nikander, Pastor Juho K.
Nikander, V.K.
Niskanen genealogy
Nisonen, Martti
Nissila genealogy
Niva genealogy
Nordgren, Pehr Henrik (composer)
Nordic Bread, New York, N.Y.
The Nordic Center
Nordic Culture Clubs
Nordic Fest, Decorah, Iowa
Nordic Festival, Seattle, Wash.
Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle, Wash.
Nordkalottbiblioteket (library, Övertorneä, Sweden)
Nordskog, Michael (author)
North Country Trail
North Star Press of St. Cloud, Inc.
North Wind Books at Finlandia University
Northern Bible Society, Duluth, Minn.
Northern European Importing Company
Northland Historical Consortium
Norway, Environment
Norwegian Lutheran Church Historical Society of Calumet
Nummi, Seppo (composer)
Nuorteva, Santeri
Nurmela, Tauno (Track & Field athlete)
Nurmi, Maila aka Vampira (actress)
"Nyt Naura"


Obama, Barack
Oettinger, Kathleen (artist)
Ohio, Finns in
Ohman genealogy
Oikarinen genealogy
Ojala genealogy
Old Victoria
Old-Brule Heritage Society
"Ole & Lena's Wedding" (play)
Olli genealogy
Ollikainen genealogy
Olson genealogy (Wakefield, Mich.)
Olson, Emma (bread-maker, Esko, Minn.)
"On Approval" (play)
Onkalo genealogy
The Ontario Finnish Rest Home Association
Ontonagon County Historical Society
Orbinski genealogy
Orjatsalo, Aarne / Alarik
Orpheus Club of Detroit
Orquist genealogy
The Orthodox Church Museum of Finland
Osuuskunta Varma, Inc.
Oulu, Finland
Oulu, Wisc.
Oulun Diakoniatoimikunta (Oulu diocese)
Outokumpu, Finland
Owen genealogy

Paakkunainen, Seppo (composer)
Paavola genealogy (Minnesota)
Painesdale Mine and Shaft, Inc.
Palmquist Farm, Brantwood, Wisc.
Paloheimo Fellows
Paloheimo, Yrjö and Lenora
Palosaari, Jim (revivalist Preacher)
Panula, Eino Viljami (Titanic victim)
Paraske, Larin (Ingrian rune singer)
Pastobak genealogy
Pasty (food)
Peck, Greta (Kukkonen), wife of Gregory Peck
Pekkala genealogy
Pekkarinen genealogy
Pelkie, Mich.
Pellonpaa, Carl
Pelto genealogy
Penfield Press
Pentikäinen, Juha (author)
Perkio genealogy
Perttunen, Arhippa (rune singer)
Pesklo, Christopher (Sami Tent/Lavvu maker)
Pesonen, Olavi (composer)
Pfeiffer, Helen
Phillips, Helen Kathleen (Ranta) (author)
Pilgrim River Watershed Project
Pine Mountain Music Festival
Pikkarinen genealogy
Pitkamaki (Langhill) genealogy
"Pohjalaisia" (opera)
Pokela genealogy
Poom, Ritva (poet)
Poukkula/Nelson genealogy
Project 34
Project Harmony
Puckerbush Press
Pyhtila genealogy
Pylkkänen, Tauno (composer)
Päätalo, Kalle
Pöllänen, Kaarlo (pastor)
Pyrhönen, Kirsi (model)

Quakers (Religious Society of Friends)
Quick genealogy
Quincy Mine

Raappana genealogy
Raasakka genealogy
Rahkola genealogy
Rahkonen, Carl
Raitio, Pentti (Finnish Composers)
Raittila, Pekka (Laestadian historian)
Rakennustaiteen Museo (Museum of Finnish Architecture)
Rands, Agnes (author)
Rankinen, E. Olaf
Rapala, Lauri (inventor, fisherman)
Rautavaara, Einojuhani (composer)
Rautio, Matti (composer)
"Reading the Landscape of the Keweenaw"
Rechberger, Herman (composer)
Red Lodge, Mont.
Red Metal Radio Show
Redridge, Michigan
Rehn, Olli, (politician)
Reindeer, Alaska (includes the Saami Reindeer Expedition)
Reindeer herding
Reindeer, Michigan
Religious tracts
Rentola, Roger ("Rat Rod," old car enthusiast)
"Reunion of Sisters: A Conference and Celebration of Women from America and Finland"
Revontulet, Finnish Folk Dancers, Massachusetts
Rhinelander (Wisc.) Finnish Club
Riekki, Ron (author of "U.P.")
Riippa, Timo
Ringbom, Nils-Eric (composer)
Rinkinen genealogy
Rintala, Edsel K. (author)
Risla (Rislakens/Rislachius) genealogy
Rissanen, Juha (artist)
Rissanen, Timo (fashion designer)
"Rockland: The Opera"
Rockland Historical Museum
Ronn genealogy
Roots in Finland / Juuret Suomessa
Ross, Les, Sr. (Finnish American harmonica player)
Rovaniemi, Finland
Rovio (maker of "Angry Birds" video game)
RSVP, The Western Upper Peninsula Retired and Senior Volunteer Program
Rukin-Lapa (woodcarving object)
Rukkila genealogy
Rundman, Jonathan (musician)
Rummukainen, Otto
Ruotsinoja genealogy
Rutsala, Vern (poet)
Rydman, Kari (Finnish composers)
Ryijy - Finnish Rag Rugs

Saaranen genealogy (Oulu, Finland)
Saariaho, Kaija (musician)
Saarinen, Eero
Saarinen Family
Saarinen, Rev. J.F.
Saarisuu, Arvi Henry (poet)
Saarivaara, Uuras (theologian)
Saari, Wilho (Kantele player)
Saima Park
Sallinen, Aulis (composer)
Sallmén genealogy
Salmela, David (architect)
Salmela genealogy
Salmenhaara, Erkki (composers)
Salmi genealogy
Salminen, John (painter)
Salminen, Matti (singer)
Salo genealogy
Salolampi Finnish Language Village, Bemidji, Minn.
Salolampi Foundation
Salomaa, Hiski (musician)
Salonen, Esa-Pekka (musician)
Salonen, Sulo (Finnish composers)
Sami/Saami/Sámi. American Events
Sami/Saami/Sámi, General
Sámi Museum and Lapland Culture Center, Inari
Sampo publishing
Sana (Sami Council)
Sarah Sargent Paine Historical Research Center, Painesdale-Jeffers High School
Sarmanto, Heikki (composers)
Satukangas, Arto (musician)
Sault Finnish School
Savio, John Andreas (Norwegian Saami artist)
Savolainen, Eeva (musician)
The Sámi Association of North America
Sámi culture and peoples, general
Scandinavian Center, Minneapolis, Minn.
Scandinavian Cultural Center, Portland, Oreg.
Scandinavian Festival, Tacoma, Wash.
Scandinavian Heritage Association
Scandinavian Hjemkomst Festival, Fargo, N.Dak.
Scandinavian House (the American Scandinavian Foundation)
Scandinavian Symphony Society of Detroit
Scofield/Winter Quarters, Utah (incl. 1900 Scofield Mine Explosion)
Seaton genealogy
Seattlen Suomi Koulu / Finnish School of Seattle
Segerstam, Leif (composer)
Selkamaki/Maki genealogy
Sermilä, Jarmo (composer)
Settlers' Co-op Inc., Bruce Crossing, Mich.
Sevander, Mayme
Sibelius Academy Music Festival
Sibelius Male Chorus of Chicago
Sibelius, Jean
Siekkinen genealogy
Sietaniemi barn, Embarass, Minn.
Siirtolaisuusmuseo, Seinäjoki, Finland
Siirtokansan Kalenteri
Siirtolaisen Kirja Kauppa, Bookstore/Publisher, Kaleva, Mich.
Silfven genealogy (includes Titanic passenger)
Siltala genealogy
Sillanpää, F.E. (author)
Sillberg genealogy
Silverspar, Mr. (early mining company agent to Scandinavia)
Simula, Erik (Birch bark canoe builder)
Sinks, Iiris Tuulikki Jaakola
Sipilä-Johnson genealogy
Siren, Paul (labor activist)
Sirola, Yrjö
Sister Cities: Hancock, Mich. and Porvoo, Finland
Sister Cities: Marquette, Mich and Kajaani, Finland
Sitka, Alaska (includes Godenhjelm altarpiece)
Siukonen genealogy
Sjoholm, Barbara (author)
Sjöblom genealogy (incl. Titanic passenger)
Skandi-Fest, California
Soiva Music Camp, Concordia
Somero genealogy
Sonninen, Anti (composer)
Sons of Norway
Sotainvalidien Veljesliitto (Disabled Ex-Servicemen Assoc. of Finland)
Södervik genealogy
St. Urho's Day [see T-60, St. Urho's Day Archival collection]
Stadius genealogy
"Star Spangled Banner" in Finnish
"Steam of Life/Miesten vuoro" (Finnish movie)
Steinback/Stenbacka genealogy
Steinberg, Salme Harju (educator)
Stephen Ministry, St. Louis, Miss.
Streng, Göran (restauranteur, 'Tangö' in Hawaii)
Sturk/Styrk/Turkki, Charles (stabbed/murdered in Tapiola, Mich. in 1933 by Charles Kumenius)
Sudbury, Ontario
Sudbury Finnish Rest Home Society, Finland Village
Suomela genealogy
Suomen Lähetysseura
Suomi, Al (hockey player)
Suomi Conference
Suomi Symposium, Helsinki, Finland
Suomi Synod
Suvanto genealogy
Swedetown, Mich.
Swedish Finn-Historical Society
The Swedish Historical Society

Taavettila genealogy
Taipala genealogy
Taipale genealogy
"Tales from a Finnish Tupa" (book)
Tallgren genealogy
Talvela, Martti (musician)
Talvi, Silja J.A. (Journalist)
Tamm, Eric (author)
Tampere, Finland
Tampere, Finland, Lielahti Power Plant
Tango/Finnish Tango
Tanttuu, Erkki
The Tapiola Choir
Thorpe, Alyce Tossava (artist)
Tiensuu, Jukka (musician)
Tikkanen genealogy
Toivola, Mich.
Toivonen genealogy
Tolkinen, Robert (Minneapolis police detective)
Tolonen, Emil O.
Tolonen, Jukka (composer)
Torola genealogy
Torola, Peter
Torppari / Cottager / Tenant Farmer (occupation)
"Tositarina: Amerikan Jenny" (movie)
Toossava genealogy
Traps and Trapping
Tuominen, Mark (snowmobile collector)
Tuora, Jarrett R.
Turku, Finland
Turpeinen, Viola
Turpoinen, Maija ("Forest Finn" rune singer)
Työmies-Eteenpäin newspaper

United Finnish Relief
United Fund for Finnish American Archives
Untracht, Oppi
Untinen genealogy
Up North Marketplace, Grand Rapids, Minn.
Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition
Upper Peninsula History Conference
Upper Peninsula, Travel
Utopian Societies, Cuba
Utopian Societies, Finnish
Uusitalo genealogy

Vainio, Arne (Ojibwe-Finnish doctor)
Vainio, Aura (actress)
Valamo monastery
Valkeapää, Nils-Aslak (Saami poet and author)
Valmet Oy (maker of trains, aircraft, etc.)
Van Der Woude, Carol (author)
Vänskä, Osmo (musical conductor)
Vapaa Sana (newspaper)
Ventová, Petra (author of "Searching for a Sámi/Cookbook")
Vertin Gallery, Calumet, Mich. and Hancock, Mich.
Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum, Decorah, Iowa
Vida, Vendela (author)
Vietnam Memorial, moving Wall, South Range, Mich.
Virtanen, Beth
Virtanen genealogy
Virtanen, Hilary
Virtanen, John O.
Väänänen-Jensen, Inkeri (author)
Vääti, Ilkka (artist)

Waara, Frida
Waatti genealogy
Wahtola, John (murder of, 1889)
Waisanen genealogy
"Walking Into the Unknown" (film)
Walz, Maggie [see T-66 Maggie Walz collection]
Wanha/Vanha genealogy
Wargelin, J.
Wargelin, Raymond W.
Wasioja, Minn.
Watia, Tarmo (artist)
Wayne State University Press
Werling, Dennis H. (author)
Wesa, Jack (politician)
Wessman, Harri (composers)
West Coast Finnish American Singers
Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan Heritage Trail Network
Westfield, Rev. Col. Arnold Duane (Aho)
West Palm Beach, Flor.
Wickstrom genealogy
Wiinamaki genealogy
Wiinamäki, Leander (clergy)
Wiire, Robert
Wiitanen genealogy
Wilson genealogy, Duluth, Minn.
"Winnebego Man" Documentary, Jack Rebney
Winter War
The World Trail, Seinäjoki, Finland
Work People's College
Wright, Mary
WSOY (Werner Söderström Osakeyhtiö)
Wuolijoki, Hella (playwright)
Wuominen, Charles (composer)
Wyeth, Andrew (artist), "The Finn"
Wäinö genealogy

Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve
Ylivieska, Finland
Ylunen genealogy
Young, Chuck (kantele maker)