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Personal Counseling

Jerry Hess, LMSW, is here to assist students with those personal, emotional or social issues that may interfere with their ability to reach their full potential in college.

Counseling is free for any TRiO/SSS program participants who request an appointment.  

Hopefully, your time at FinnU will be happy and trouble free.  However, everyone at some time in their lives can experience challenges. 

Counseling is: 

  • Not a "quick fix" for your problems. Change is not always simple and may take time and energy for it to occur. 
  • Not a sign of weakness. There is nothing weak about a person who seeks counseling. Individuals who enter counseling are taking the 1st step to resolving their difficulties.

Some common counseling concerns:

  • adjusting to college life
  • anxiety/stress
  • self-confidence
  • relationship difficulties
  • self-defeating behaviors
  • academic problems
  • sexual identity/orientation issues
  • decision-making dilemmas 
  • mild depression
  • loss and grief

Some things you can expect from counseling are: 

  • You can talk about whatever is concerning you at the time.
  • Counseling involves the concerns and problems of normal students.
  • Sometimes you may experience painful feelings before you start feeling better.
  • The Personal Counselor can help you examine your concerns and help you learn new skills or ways of looking at situations so you can be more capable of solving problems on your own.
  • Successful counseling is a joint process requiring your motivation and active involvement.The more actively involved you are the more effective counseling will be for you.
  • Most students receiving individual counseling meet with the Personal Counselor from one to eight sessions.  If a students situation requires long term counseling, referrals will be provided for off-campus counseling.
  • All counseling is confidential. No information is released to anyone without written consent.

There is no issue that is "too small" to discuss.  If something is big enough to bother you, it's big enough to talk about.

If you have a concern that is affecting your personal, academic or social functioning, or is just on your mind, contact Jerry Hess, 906.487.7353 or