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Guide to the Vertical File drawers on Suomi College

This drawer is filed in "Archive arrangement." Under the main letters of the alphabet are filed materials on the following:

A)     Charter and statutes

B)      Board of Directors

C)      Administrative Officers

D)     Finances

E)      History         

a)      Finn Fair, 1971

b)      President's reports

c)       SADE (Suomalainen Konventti)

d)      75th Diamond Jubilee

e)      Suomi Synod

f)       Visiting dignitaries, guests

F)      Biographies and necrologies

G)     General catalogs

H)     Annual catalogs (College Bulletin), calendar year, Registrars and Registration

I)        Handbooks, circulars of information, student financial aid

J)       Official periodicals

a)      Suomi-opiston viesta

K)      Commencements, inaugurals, baccalaureate, honors conventions, and other addresses (of official nature)

L)       Programs, tickets, memorabilia (non-academic, non-sporting athletic events)

a)      Art exhibits

b)      Concert-lecture series

c)       Finnish Independence Day

M)   Faculty

a)      Faith, Instruction, Curriculum (Church and Education) study

N)     Lectures (classroom), class manuals, exam questions

O)     Student theses, orations, essays

P)      Student Catalogs and society annuals

Q)     Student Periodicals

a)      "The Inklings"

b)      Newsbreak

c)       Suomi Link

R)      Student societies and their periodicals

a)      Basketball

b)      Chapel

c)       Homecoming

d)      Initiations

e)      Laskiainen Day

f)       Student Activities

g)      Student Council Minutes

h)      Student-Faculty committee

i)        Student government

j)        Suomi musicale

k)      Suomi Players

l)        Suomi Singers

S)      Student miscellany

a)      Songs, class days

T)      Alumni

a)      Alumni Banquet

b)      Alumni Bulletin

c)       The Bridge

U)     Classes (academic)

V)     Pictures, News clippings

a)      Mining Gazette

W)   Buildings and grounds, campus maps, plans

X)      Periodicals

a)      Heritage Centerline

Y)      Library Displays