Clubs and Organizations

Finlandia University students participate in a wide variety of student-run clubs and organizations. Students wishing to form a club or organization should submit a proposal to the Student Senate ( using the guidelines below. Approved clubs/organization may request startup funding or funding for special events by submitting a proposal for funding to the Student Senate.

Please note the below forms are in the process of being updated for the 2016-17 academic year.


Collegiate Entrepreneur’s Organization

Advisor: Kevin Manninen,

Mission: The entrepreneurship club is a group of students who organize to practice and promote entrepreneurship. These creative innovators are students who are driven by their passion to be entrepreneurial in everything they do. The ultimate goal is to raise funds to attend national business conferences, and have an educational and inspiring experience with students from over 100 different colleges around the United States for networking opportunities, and workshops with professionals and some of the most successful business innovators.

Servant Leadership House

Advisor: Rene Johnson,

Physical Therapist Assistant

Advisor: Geri Hawley,
Advisor: Cam Williams,
Student Leader: Jacob Miller,

Finlandia Accounting Club

Advisor: Angela Price,

First Year Honor Society

Advisor: Hilary Virtanen,
Advisor: Erin Barnett,

Student Nurses Association

Advisor: Theresa Rajala-Halsey,

Helsinki Slang

Advisor: Mark Lounibos,
Student Leader: Max Malone,

Black Student Association

Advisor: Sandy Turnquist,
Student Leader: Jada Moore,

Mission: The Black Student Union (BSU) is a diverse group that welcomes people off all walks of life. Our goal is to get the students of Finlandia together to experience cultural differences in a positive and fundamental way. We hope to make an impact in the way people view the African American community as a whole.

Young Women’s Caucus

Advisor: Phyllis Fredendall,
Student Leader: Shelby Winter,

Campus Ministry

Advisor: Soren Schmidt,

Curling Club

Advisor: Soren Schmidt,

Criminal Justice

Advisor: Richard Gee,
Student Leader: Caryn Beitz,

Shout Out

Advisor: Soren Schmidt,
Student Leader: Chelsea Blanck,

Hispanic Student Union

Advisor: Richard Gee,
Student Leader: Jesus Vasquez,

Finlandia ROAR Student Newspaper 

Student Leader: Rachel LaMotte,

Student Life Forms and Publications

Please note the below forms are in the process of being updated for the 2016-17 academic year.

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