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Spiritual Life

Finlandia belongs to a family of 26 colleges and universities in the United States that are affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

Finlandia encourages students of all faiths to worship regularly. The Hancock-Houghton community provides the opportunity for worship in all major denominations.

The university employs a full-time campus chaplain who works closely with the student-led Campus Ministry Team to encourage spiritual growth among students, faculty, and staff.

Campus Ministry

Upcoming Campus Ministry Events

2014 Spring Baccalaureate Service

To celebrate the wonderful things that our students achieved during their time at Finlandia we host a baccalaureate service every year. This year's service is available to view on YouTube.

Faith Toward God ... Love Toward Neighbor

AaronThe Finlandia Campus Ministry Team plans and implements all of the programs and activities related to Finlandia Campus Ministry. The Team is led by two student co-leaders and supervised by Finlandia's University Chaplain. The Finlandia director for student life serves as advisor. Each member belongs to one of the Team "Cores"  which are Discipleship, Worship, Outreach, and Service. These Cores are shaped by our campus ministry mission and define our various types of activities:

'faith toward God' . . .  DISCIPLESHIP and WORSHIP

'love toward neighbor' . . . OUTREACH and SERVICE

The Campus Ministry Team is dedicated to maintaining a grace-centered approach to all programs and activities so that God's grace and favor offered in Jesus Christ may be more fully expressed and experienced in the life of the Finlandia community.

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Campus Ministry Student Activities

Weekly activities such as community worship, small-group Bible study, and prayer ministries are available to all students. In addition, Finlandia Campus Ministry aims to provide on-going opportunities for reflection and action in areas of service, peace and justice, care for God's creation, and outreach. Finlandia aims to be distinct in shaping her religious life around Lutheran commitments while embracing and celebrating the diversity of religious traditions and expressions present within her community.

Campus Ministry Mission

The mission of the Finlandia Campus Ministry (FCM) is to encourage spiritual growth within the Finlandia community.  FCM encourages spiritual growth by offering grace-centered accompaniment to students, faculty, and staff for the purpose of growing in faith toward God and love toward neighbor.

'grace-centered' . . . walking side-by-side in such a manner that the unconditional love of God offered in Jesus Christ may be clearly expressed and experienced

'faith toward God' . . . spiritual practices, through Word and Sacrament, so that God's unconditional love and favor offered in Jesus Christ is heard and received

'love toward neighbor' . . .  serving those in need, advocacy for the poor, working toward peace and justice, and caring for God's creation.

For more information about Finlandia University Campus Ministry, please contact:

Soren Schmidt
University Chaplain

Chapel of St. Matthew

Chapel of St. MatthewConstructed in 2000, the Chapel of St. Matthew offers students a quiet place for meditation and reflection. Worship services are held at least twice weekly during the fall and spring semesters. The chapel is also used for campus gatherings and public events. The lower level of the chapel houses the Campus Ministry Center and the University Chaplain's office.