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Residential Life

Where will you spend the next four years of your life?

Moving into the residence hallAt Finlandia Hall, we provide a living environment that assists students in accomplishing their academic, vocational, and social goals. Our living community is enhanced by professional and paraprofessional staff that are available to assist, mentor and advise students; the enforcement of Student Code regulations; and the promotion of educational, social, recreational, and leadership development programs. The university's requirements for on-campus residence are a part of the effort to ensure an optimum learning environment for students. Finlandia University requires that all students live in Finlandia Hall while enrolled for classes. Incoming or returning students may apply to reside off campus by contacting the Coordinator of Residential Life for requirements.

A Healthy Living Environment

As a resident student, you'll enjoy a clean, safe, fun, and caring environment. Resident students have the opportunity to spend their out-of-class lives forging new friendships and getting involved in student activities and organizations. You'll become a part of a healthy learning environment where help is available, staff are caring, and things like safety and interaction are woven into the fabric of everyday life.

Each floor of Finlandia Hall is furnished with a comfortable student lounge, which gives students the opportunity to watch television, study, or catch up with friends. Laundry facilities are also on site.

Spacious Suite-style Rooms

Finlandia Hall's rooms are more spacious than those found at many other institutions, and the furniture in each room is moveable. Resident students are encouraged to let their personalities show while decorating. The double occupancy suite-style rooms have high speed Internet connections, as well as wireless Internet access.

Students relax in the Finlandia Hall cafeCommunity Advisors

Each of the wings of Finlandia Hall are staffed by a Community Advisor who is there to lend a hand, offer help and guidance to those who reside at Finlandia, and ensure compliance with university policies. These fellow-students are trained and available to provide counsel and advise, organize events, and communicate student needs to the Residential Life staff.

24-hour Quiet Floor

Finlandia Hall's fourth floor is designated as a 24-hour quiet floor for students who prefer an extra peaceful living experience. Single rooms are available at an additional cost, and are limited by space and availability.


We know that it is both exciting and a little frightening to be placed in a room with someone you haven't met.

At Finlandia, a Housing Information Form is used to place prospective students with roommates. Our goal is to match resident students based on common interests and living styles.

Residential Life staff members are always willing to help in any way possible to improve your roommate relationship. It's never easy to set limits, so please don't be afraid to ask for a bit of help.

Residence Life Documents and Forms

Please note that these forms are in the process of being updated for the 2014-15 academic year.