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Research Guides

An all emcompassing guide to better assit you in finding scholarly resources for your projects.

Recommended Web Sites for writing a research paper:

Style Guides:

AMA -- American Medical Association's style guide from University of Washington.

APA -- American Psychological Association's style guide from Purdue University Online Writing Lab.

Chicago Style Manual -- from Purdue University Online Writing Lab.

Council of Science Editors- from the Writing Center of University of Wisc. Madison

MLA -- Modern Language Association's style guide from Purdue University Online Writing Lab.


Tips and Tricks for doing Research:

Research Project Calculator

A+ Writing and Research Guide

Getting Started with Your Research

How to talk to databases

How to write a research paper

Identifying scholarly journal articles

Generating Search Terms Part 1 and Part 2

Why can't I just Google?

Researching Online for College Students: 5 easy steps

How to read a Scientific Paper

How to prepare an Annotated Bibliography

A Quick Guide to Plagiarism

Recommended Tutorials and Tools for Information Literacy:

Avoiding Plagiarism

What is Plagiarism?

Search Google better

Search Engines vs. Research Databases

Understanding Boolean Operators

Credible Sources: A tutorial

Evaluating Information Sources

Evaluating Web Site Tutorial

Information Cycle

Search Engines from "Internet Tutorials"

Subject Directories from "Internet Tutorials"

Understanding Information Literacy

A "Fairy" Use Tale (Explains Fair Use and Copyright)