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Research Guides

An all emcompassing guide to better assit you in finding scholarly resources for your projects.

Video Tutorials for the Maki Library Resources

Introduction to the Maki Library Website

Using the Catalog

Using the Databases

Creating an Annotated Bibliography

Recommended Web Sites for writing a research paper:

Style Guides:

AMA -- American Medical Association's style guide from University of Washington.

APA -- American Psychological Association's style guide from Purdue University Online Writing Lab.

Chicago Style Manual -- from Purdue University Online Writing Lab.

Council of Science Editors- from the Writing Center of University of Wisc. Madison

MLA -- Modern Language Association's style guide from Purdue University Online Writing Lab.


Tips and Tricks for doing Research:

Research Project Calculator

A+ Writing and Research Guide

Getting Started with Your Research

How to talk to databases

How to write a research paper

Identifying scholarly journal articles

Generating Search Terms Part 1 and Part 2

Why can't I just Google?

Researching Online for College Students: 5 easy steps

How to read a Scientific Paper

How to prepare an Annotated Bibliography

A Quick Guide to Plagiarism

Recommended Tutorials and Tools for Information Literacy:

What is Plagiarism?

Search Engines vs. Research Databases

Understanding Boolean Operators

Credible Sources: A tutorial

Evaluating Information Sources

Evaluating Web Site Tutorial

Information Cycle

Understanding Information Literacy

A "Fairy" Use Tale (Explains Fair Use and Copyright)