Exhibiting at the Reflection Gallery

Reflection Gallery Exhibit Guidelines

The Finlandia University Jutila Center Reflection Gallery considers the exhibition of work by all Finlandia Studio Arts/Illustration students who have completed advanced studio classes. Students outside of the Studio Arts/Illustration program are also free to exhibit upon approval from the Art & Design faculty. The Gallery also accepts applications from artists inthe local community. Artists and designers have the opportunity to exhibit solo or as a group.

The Gallery accepts a broad range of work, including paintings, illustration, photography, ceramics, fiber/fashion design, sculpture, product and graphic design, and digital imagery.

The Reflection Gallery hosts several exhibitions throughout the school year, with receptions being held for most exhibits. Each exhibitor will be allotted at least two to three weeks, depending on scheduling, along with an opening or closing reception hosted by the current student gallery directors.

There are no constraints on the size of the pieces allowed in The Reflection Gallery, within reasonable bounds. All pieces must be prepared for hanging by the artist or designer. No nails, glue, tape or tacks are to be used to hang items. Work that is not meant for hanging must have stands or mats. Podiums or display tables will be available for non-hanging items. All work should be labeled. Flat labels on cardboard or foam core adhered with removable plastic adhesive is preferred. Self-adhesive labels are not allowed. It is the sole duty of the artist or designer to prepare his/her work for display.

All pieces on display at The Reflection Gallery are to stay on display through the entire exhibition period. Any items that are needed for other purposes or that are sold during the exhibition may not be removed until after the show is completed.

Applications for submission, plus ten images of work, must be submitted to the current gallery director for consideration. The images will be evaluated by the director as well as the faculty of the Finlandia University International School of Art & Design. Upon approval, the artist or designer will be notified by the Reflection Gallery director. A minimum of ten pieces and no more than twenty (depending on size) are required to be considered for exhibition. The artist/designer is responsible for meeting with the gallery director to design a poster for the advertisement of the opening and exhibition dates.

For additional information about exhibiting at the Reflection Gallery, please contact Phillip Faulkner.


Phillip Faulkner
Office: Jutila Center
(906) 487-7375