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Private/Alternative Loans are available for students to apply for from private lenders.  Unlike Federal Stafford loans, which are guaranteed by the federal government, private loans need to be applied for/approved and may have varying terms from lender to lender.  Finlandia University strongly recommends students (and their cosigners) to be knowledgable of all terms of a private loan before aggreeing to take it out.  Finlandia University is not contractually obligated to any lending institution.

Generally, these loans are only used by students IF:  you need additional funds after your federal grants and loans have been applied to your account or you do not qualify for federal aid.  Students should always look at Federal Student Aid options before applying for private loans.

Listed below are some of the private loan options that students at Finlandia University have utilized.  You may look into other lenders, should you choose.  When looking at other lenders, you will want to make sure they will participate with our University. 

Once again, we also encourage you to research any loan option before agreeing to it's terms and to be aware that these loans are NOT Federal Stafford / Direct Loans.

Click here for a list of Private Lenders that students have utilized while attending Finlandia University.  These are lenders that students have utilized in the past and are lenders that are still choosing to participate with our university.