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The Pre-professional program is designed to prepare students for admission into health care programs requiring an extensive background in science.  Examples of these programs include pre-medicine, pre-dental, pre-veterinary medicine, pre-pharmacy, pre-physical therapy, pre-occupational therapy, pre-chiropractic, and pre-optometry.

The core requirements include those science courses generally common to all professional schools, including general chemistry, general physics, mathematics, and extensive biology.  You will spend your first semeester researching the particular requirements for your program of study at various schools and develop a four-year plan that will necessarily include taking organic chemistry at another institution of higher learning.  Your science curriculum will be supplemented and complemented by a variety of courses in other areas, such as psychology, sociology, communication, human relations and diversity, ethics, and government.

As a Pre-professional major, you will develop broadly based problem-solving skills, strong critical thinking skills, and the ability to communicate effectively.  Working in small groups, you will be able to conduct and analyze scientific research.  Your broad science background, combined with your General Education core, will give you the breadth and variety of courses professional schools are requiring of their entering students.  You should be prepared to apply to the professional program of your choice when you complete this program.

B.A. in Pre-professional Science Degree Requirements

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