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Other Library Services for Faculty

Information Literacy Instruction
We would like to work with you to enhance classroom instruction to include information literacy components in some of your assignments. We are also happy to provide your class with specific library instructional sessions, either catered to an assignment or to learn specific research skills such as paraphrasing, identifing primary sources, how to read scholarly journal articles, etc.  Call Rebecca at 487-7253 to arrange for a session.

Selecting and Purchasing Materials for the Library
The library is here for the students and for you. We hope to have resources available for the students which are integral to their academic endeavors. We also are here for your professional information needs. We welcome your suggestions for purchase of new materials and resources.

Library Conference Room
The Library has a Conference Room, which may be reserved by contacting the Library. The room has a TV / VCR/DVD, overhead, screen, and blackboard. It is also a place where students can study or watch videos/DVDs.

The library's copier is available for faculty and students. Faculty may make copies, and charge them to their department. Students are charged 10 cents per page.

Fax Machine
Faculty, students, and others may send and receive faxes. There may be a charge.