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2008 Oral History Digitization Project

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A lA large collection of oral histories from the Copper Country (in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) and northeastern Minnesota were recorded in the 1970's by staff and students of Suomi College, now Finlandia University. Rev. Dr. Arthur Puotinen led the project and received a grant from the Untied States National Endowment for the Humanities. There are approximately 250 hours of transcribed interviews and about 150 hours of non-transcribed interviews.

In 2010, the Finnish American Historical Archive and Museum received a generous grant from the Keweenaw National Historic Park Advisory Commission to digitize the Finnish Folklore and Social Change in the Great Lakes Mining Region Oral History collection.

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Complete interviews and transcripts are available to visiting researchers at the Finnish American Historical Archive.


The Finlandia University Finnish American Heritage Center is very proud and excited to make samples of its Oral History Collection available to the public. However, Finlandia University, formerly Suomi College, holds the exclusive copyright to these files. Any utilization that does not fall under the United States standard of Fair Use (see U.S. Copyright Office, Library of Congress), including unauthorized re-distribution, is a violation of Federal Law. For any other use, express written consent must be obtained from the Finnish American Historical Archive: archives@finlandia.edu.