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Maki Periodicals and Databases

Databases & e-Journals by Subject Areas

G= Government = Michigan eLibrary, MeL = Open Access P= Public $= Subscription


Liberal Arts & Sciences

  Academic One File
  Advances in Pure Mathematics
 P ArchiveGrid
 $ Credo Reference
 $ Criminal Justice Collection
Communications and Mass Media
  Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
Demographics NOW: People and Business
  Grades K-8th MeL resources
 P Literary Criticism Collection-IPL2
  Environmental Studies & Policy
  ERIC -- Elem. Ed Majors
  Expanded Academic ASAP

FDSys (Federal Digital System)

Focus: International Joint Commission of Great Lakes


Gender Studies Collection

  Gale LegalForms
 $ History of Science, Technology and Medicine
  INFOTRAC Diversity Studies
  INFOTRAC Pop Culture Collection
  INFOTRAC Religion & Philosophy
  INFOTRAC World History
  MeL Government Gateway (Michigan and US)
  MeL Legal Gateway
Michigana: Sources in US History online
Military and Intelligence
 G Nordic Statistical Yearbook (Includes Finland)
 G Finnish Defence Studies
  Opposing Viewpoints in Context
  Project Gutenberg Philosophy Bookshelf (Classics)
  Project Gutenberg Pyschology Bookshelf (Classics)
  Project Gutenberg Religious Studies Bookshelf (Classics)
  $ ProQuest
Psychology Collection
  SIRS Discovery Deluxe (for students in grades 6-8)
  SIRS Renaissance (Literary Criticisms)


Health Sciences

Academic One File
 G CDC Online
 $ CINAHL: Cumulative Nursing and Allied Health Lit.
 $ Credo Reference
Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
Demographics NOW
Health & Wellness Resource/Alternative Health
Health Reference Center Academic
INFOTRAC Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Collection
 P MedScape Reference
MichiganeLibrary(MeL) Health Gateway
Nursing & Allied Health
$ Nursing Clinics of North America Index* In Print in the Maki Library Main Stacks
Nursing Resource Center
  The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing
Online Journal of Rural Nursing
Open Nursing Journal
 $ ProQuest
 G PubMed
 G PubMedCentral: Full Text and Free
 G TOXNET (Toxicology Data Network)


Art & Design

  Academic One File
 P Ad*Access
  Animation Studies
  Art and Research
 P ArtsJournal
 $ Credo Reference
Digital Culture & Education
Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
Demographics NOW
 $ Environmental Studies & Policy
 $ Fine Arts & Music
 $ Hoover's Company Profiles
  INFOTRAC Pop Culture Collection
International Association of Research Institutes in the History of Art (RIHA)
International Journal of Design (e-journal)
Invisible Culture: An eJournal for Visual Culture
 $ ProQuest
 P ThomasNet




  Academic One File
 P Ad*Access
  Business & Company ASAP
  Business InSights: Global
  Business Economics & Theory
 $ Credo Reference
  Criminal Justice Collection
  Demographics NOW
  Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
  Economics Research International
 P Electronic Journal of Business Ethics & Organizational Studies (EJBO)
  Gale Directory Library
  Gale Virtual Reference Library: Business Collection
  General Business File ASAP
 P globalEDGE: Your Souce for Global Business Knowledge
 $ Hoover's Company Profiles
  INFOTRAC Small Business Collection
  Insurance and Liability Collection
  International Journal of Business Administration
  Legal Forms
  MichiganeLibrary(MeL) Business Gateway
  Pure Michigan Talent Connect
  Open Business Journal
 $ ProQuest
 P ThomasNet