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Audio-Visual Equipment Available at the Library

TVs / VCRs
There are TVs and VCRs placed on carts in a number of locations around campus. Several of these also include DVD players. The locations for these combos are:

  • Library Conference Room - includes DVD player - reservations required for the room
  • Mannerheim 121
  • Nikander 2nd Floor: N-24 - includes DVD player - reservations required
  • Nikander 2nd Floor: N-29
  • Wargelin 2nd Floor - includes DVD player - reservations required
  • Wargelin 303

Other Audio-visual Equipment

  • Multimedia projectors
  • Laptop computers
  • DVD player and RF converter for use with older TVs
  • VCR player
  • Region-free DVD player
  • Web Camera
  • Boom Box
  • Tape players and recorders
  • Video cameras
  • Slide projectors
  • Digital cameras
  • Jump drives
  • Overhead Projectors (Most of the classrooms on campus have overhead projectors and screens in place.)

Equipment Available For Use in the Library

  • Laminator
  • Ellison Lettering Machine

Reserving Library Equipment
If you need pieces of equipment from the Library for a class or program, you need to reserve it by calling or e-mailing us at Please do this at least 1 working day in advance of when you need it. If you wish, the Library staff will deliver and pick up the equipment. If you have made a room reservation through Maintenance that includes a-v equipment, you also need to reserve that equipment directly with the Library to assure availability at your desired time.

Burned Out Bulbs and Repairs
Please notify a Library staff member ASAP if a piece of equipment needs a new bulb or has some other malfunction. The Library keeps a supply of bulbs on hand for this equipment. It is also responsible for any needed repairs. The Library staff periodically clean this equipment, but if you think additional cleaning would be beneficial, again, notify the Library staff.