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Ceramics at Finlandia University

Ceramic DesignEarth, water, fire, air...art from the elements of nature.

The translucent glaze on forms of clay and the color and character of glass brought together by hands and firing, feed the mind and soul.

Our ceramic majors develop throwing and hand-built methods of working with clay. The direction each student's form takes can evolve to become sculptural, functional, or architectural. Experimentation with form and surface is encouraged from the start so our students understand how, together, these attributes produce an art object. Students can finish their objects in a variety of surface treatments, experiment with numerous firing temperatures, and incorporate other materials such as metal, wood, and glass into their constructions.

Our studio is equipped with electric and gas kilns, electric wheels, a kick wheel, and hand building equipment. There are also separate spaces for the kilns, clay preperation, and glaze mixing. Adjacent to the ceramic studio is our glass studio containing fusing and slumping kilns, an electric glass casting kiln, an annealing kiln, a diamond band saw and a glass polisher.

Students in both studios experience creative challenges designed to expand and develop their artistic abilities

Get started and enjoy!

Learning Outcomes- Ceramic Design

Ceramic Design

In the transition from academics to professional practice, Finlandia ceramic design students will be prepared to:

  • Understand basic design principles, particularly as related to ceramic design.
  • Develop solutions to ceramic design problems.
  • Use tools, techniques, and processes to produce work from concept to finished object. This includes knowledge of raw materials and technical procedures such as clays, glazes, and furnace and kiln firing.
  • Investigate and synthesize the needs of marketing, sales, engineering, manufacturing, and servicing, and reconcile these needs to those of the user in terms of satisfaction, value, aesthetics, ecology, and safety.
  • Define problems, variables, and requirements; conceptualize and evaluate alternatives; and test and refine solutions.
  • Understand the industrial applications of ceramic techniques.
  • Communicate concepts and requirements to other designers and colleagues, suppliers and manufacturers, employers, and prospective clients.
  • Understand basic business practices as they relate to entrepreneurial ventures, including the ability to organize design projects and work productively as a team member or leader.
  • Understand the relevance of design history, theory, and criticism from a variety of perspectives, including those of art history, cultural studies, technology, and the social and cultural uses of designed objects.
  • Make informed decisions about social and environmental issues, including ethical issues, concerning current ceramic design production.

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