Sociology B.A.

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The Sociology major shows you how to view the world through a different lens.  The major is for students interested in discovering how societies work, the impact of social change, and the meaning of culture.  You'll gain analytical and critical thinking skills as well as methods to analyze and effectively address some of the critical issues facing today's society.

At Finlandia, you'll take a core set of courses in social stratification, theory, and methods.  You'll also explore sociological topics that interest you, choosing from courses such as Deviance, Sport and Leisure, Consumption, Indigenous Peoples, Cultural Diversity, and Collective Behavior.  You may choose to take a course on local service learning or spend a few weeks in Tanzania contributing to the community.  The sociology curriculum provides you with many opportunities to take free electives too.  This flexibility gives you the chance to explore in-depth other branches of learning.  What to take courses in business, communication, or art?  Great! Taking courses outside of the discipline helps to increase your overall understanding of the world.

B.A. in Sociology Degree Requirements

for more information please contact:

Christine O'Neil, Dean and Associate Professor, Sociology



Suomi College of Arts & Sciences