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2+2 BBA in Healthcare Management


The Finlandia 2+2 BBA in Healthcare Management allows students to combine interests in two professional areas and to prepare themselves for careers in a rapidly expanding field. This program can create opportunities for those who want to apply their business knowledge and skill in the service of others.

This second degree 2+2 BBA option is ideal for students with associate degrees in medical assisting or similar medical administration programs.  Like the BBA Healthcare Management major, it was jointly developed by Finlandia’s College of Health Sciences and International School of Business.   It prepares students for careers in a wide range of healthcare-business related occupations including healthcare human resource functions, healthcare finance, office management, healthcare billing, and admissions.

The major difference between the BBA Healthcare Management major and the 2+2 BBA in Healthcare Management is that students in the BBA program have a slightly stronger background in business while 2+2 BBA Healthcare Management students have a stronger background in healthcare administrative procedures.

2+2 BBA Healthcare Management majors complete (1) modified BBA General Education requirements, which require Anatomy and Physiology I, Introduction to Communications, and Psychology and 30 credits of English, math, communications and liberal arts courses and (2)  a modified BBA Core curriculum to fit the needs of 2+2 BBA students, which includes microeconomics, fundamentals of accounting, human resource management, organizational behavior plus the same major requirements as found in the BBA Healthcare Management major. 

GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS                  40 credits
Finlandia Foundations:
*ENG 103    College English I                                            3
*ENG 104    College English II                                           3
*COM 108   Fundamentals of Public Speaking              2
  MAT 144/145     Math for Lib. Arts or College Algebra                                            4
*Science                   Science & lab                                    4
 CIS 102      Intro Computer Applications                        3

REL/FNS     Religion or Finnish Studies                  3
+Finlandia Core Courses
Citizenship                                            Two Thematic Courses     6
Critical Thinking & Creativity            Two Thematic Courses      6
Cultural Heritage & Literacy             Two Thematic Courses       6

*Must be successfully completed before taking 300/400-level courses.
+In consultation with your advisor, select from courses that fulfill Finlandia’s theme-based General Education core curriculum as listed in this academic catalog. Students are advised to select as many 300/400-level courses as possible.
^Courses completed for an associate degree may satisfy many of the 2+2 BBA’s requirements.


ECN 231     Microeconomics                                            3
BUS 200     Fund. of Accounting                                      3
BUS 235     Leadership & Team Skills                                3
BUS 271     Principles of Management                               3 
US 345     Principles of Marketing                                   3
BUS 381     Human Resource Management                         3
BUS 386     Organizational Behavior                                  3
HCM 321    Epidemiology in Healthcare                              3
HCM 352    Healthcare Law and Ethics                              3
HCM 412    Healthcare Delivery                                       3
HCM 426    Healthcare Finance                                       3
HCM 432    Healthcare Quality                                        3
HCM 442    Healthcare Information Systems                      3
HCM 499    Senior Capstone                                           3 

PROFESSIONAL COURSES                                           38 credits
Courses completed in the associate degree program major field.

OPEN ELECTIVES                                                           4 credits
NOTE: Open electives may be required at 300- or 400-level courses so that the combined associate degree and 2+2 BS program credits result in at least 30 credits of 300- and 400-level courses.