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2016 Finlandia University Commencement

Graduation Application Information

For those graduating spring or summer of 2016, please be aware that you are required to complete and submit a graduation application. This application will be audited to verify whether or not you have completed all requirements for graduation. These should be returned as soon as possiblee. Students that do not submit this in advance of the January 2016 semester may risk not having all required classes for graduation.

Your advisor can help you fill out the form and work to have the information as accurate as possible prior to you submitting it. The graduation application has been emailed to your advisors or you can download it from the link below.

If there are any questions regarding the process, contact the registrar's office.

Graduation Day, Sunday May 1, 2016

  • Schedule TBA, information below is from 2015

Commencement Information

2011 co-valedictorian, Adam JefferyGraduation honors are determined by a student's cumulative GPA at Finlandia University. To achieve graduation honors at the associate degree level, students must have earned a minimum of 30 credits at Finlandia University. To achieve graduation honors at the baccalaureate degree level, students must have earned a minimum of 60 credits at Finlandia University. Students who have completed the requirements for their degree at Finlandia University must meet the following cumulative GPA standards to earn the corresponding academic distinction:

Graduates will assemble in the strength and conditioning room located in the lower level of the gym. Please arrive at 12:45 to begin lining up. Depending on the number of graduates and speakers, the ceremony lasts between one and a half to two hours.Graduates will be presented with a diploma cover during the ceremony. Individual diplomas will be mailed at a later time to the address provided on the application for graduation. Graduates who do not participate in the ceremony will be mailed their diplomas. Diploma covers will not be mailed, but can be picked up at the registrar's office.

There is no limit on the number of guests you may invite. Tickets are not required. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. There is floor seating with folding chairs and bleacher seating. Those who have guests requiring special reserved seating (limited mobility or wheelchair access) should notify the ushers who will be at commencement rehearsal, or contact Lynne Sweeney (contact information below). A maximum of four seats may be reserved for each graduate.

Most commencement parking is located in the lot in front of Finlandia Hall and the south entrance of the Paavo Nurmi Athletic Center, which is accessed via Scott Street. Those requiring barrier-free access should go to the west entrance at Paavo Nurmi parking area behind Finlandia Hall. This is accessed via Scott Street, top of the hill, turn right at Elm Street. There is a barrier-free entrance and parking at the west end of the Paavo Nurmi Athletic Center.

Graduation Lunch - A complementary Graduation Lunch will be served at the Finlandia Hall Cafe from 11:15 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. for graduates, their guests, and Finlandia faculty. We hope you will attend.

Baccalaureate Worship Service

Finlandia University honors its graduating students with this religious farewell service. The Baccalaureate ceremony lasts approximately one hour. The ceremony is open to the public, with no limit on the number of guests graduates may invite. Tickets are not required. Graduates should arrive at least 30 minutes early. Graduates will assemble in the lower level.

2015 Class Representative

Jared Korpela has been named student representative for the Finlandia University Class of 2015. Korpela is an accounting major from Hancock who will be receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He is graduating Summa Cum Laude with a grade point average of 3.97.

Aside from the excellent GPA, Korpela worked nearly 40 hours a week, participated in the FUEL Studio and was the president of the university’s accounting club. Korpela said the atmosphere at Finlandia was perfect for him, “The fact that you know all of your professors, and they all know you, is something you wouldn’t find at bigger institutions. I was able to learn so much more from my professors because of how closely I got to know them. It truly prepared me for real-world opportunities.”

Those real-world opportunities included a summer-long internship with Fidelity National Title in Portland, Oregon in 2014, and his current gig with GS Infrastructure, a Houghton-based business that has committed to hiring him full time after graduation.

Learn more about the 2015 Student Representative Jared Korpela.

2015 Commencement Speaker

The 2015 commencement speaker is longtime Professor of English Lauri Anderson. Anderson was born in Monson, Maine to a first-generation Finnish-immigrant father and a mother of “Old New England.” After a Peace Corps experience in Nigeria, Anderson lived and taught in Vermont, California, Micronesia and Turkey before starting at Finlandia in 1976.

Anderson is retiring this year after 40 years at the university. When he looks back at his time here, he remembers with pride many of his former students who can be found around the world, and fondly speaks of the opportunities the small liberal arts-based university setting provided him. He received nine grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities to support his teaching, and his department has been able to introduce students to the writing of more than 200 different authors in his freshman English classes alone.

Andreson is the author of eight books of fiction, Hunting Hemingway’s Trout, Heikki Heikkinen and Other Stories of Upper Peninsula Finns, Mosquito Conversations, Misery Bay, Back to Misery Bay, Impressions of Arvo Laurila, Children of the Kalevala and Small Winter Wars, and has had numerous other poems, articles and short stories published worldwide. His books have been objects of study at universities, at the Modern Language Association (Hunting Hemingway’s Trout), and in dissertations and other literary critical studies.

Commencement Rehearsal

Commencement rehearsal will take place on Friday, May 1st at 11:00 a.m. in the Paavo Nurmi Gym. You will find your seat and receive other instructions at the rehearsal. A run through of the ceremony will take place. Please attend if at all possible. If you are unable to attend rehearsal and plan to participate in commencement, please contact Terri Martin or Liz Baumann for information (contact information below).

Academic Attire-Caps and Gowns

All graduates participating in the Baccalaureate and Commencement ceremonies are required to wear caps and gowns, with the exception of ROTC graduates, who may wear their military uniforms. There is no cost to the student for his or her cap and gown, unless the order is placed past the deadline.Students must be measured for their caps and gowns at North Wind Booksfrom February 9 - 14, 2015. Store hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday. A campus e-mail will be sent out to notify students when caps and gowns are ready to be picked up. Contact Alana Nolan at North Wind Books for further information (contact information below).

Honors regalia and tassels should be worn with the cap and gown. No other objects, streamers, sashes, neckties, etc. may be attached to or worn outside of the cap and gown and only the mortarboard cap may be worn. Please note that the gowns are semi-transparent and this should be taken into consideration when determining what to wear under the gown.

Academic Services

Application for Graduation

All students must apply for graduation to activate the degree audit procedure and appear on the official graduation candidate list. Graduation applications are available from the student's academic advisor or the University Registrar. After the application is received, the university registrar performs a degree audit to confirm eligibility for graduation. Candidates for May or August graduation must apply by mid-November of the prior year; candidates for December graduation must apply by mid-March of the same year.

Degree Requirements

Students who successfully complete their degree requirements by the end of the spring semester, and have applied for graduation, are generally eligible to participate in the spring baccalaureate and commencement ceremonies. A student must achieve, by mid-term of the semester, a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or above, and no incomplete (I) grades may appear on a student's transcript after March 30th.

An Associate degree student who has six or less credits to complete, and has registered to complete those credits during the summer session immediately following the ceremony, may participate in the Baccalaureate and Commencement ceremonies.

Bachelor degree students who have two remaining program-required courses at the 300/400 level, and are registered to complete those courses during the summer session immediately following spring commencement are eligible to participate in the spring Baccalaureate and Commencement ceremonies.

Degree Audit

Typically completed prior to graduation, the purpose of a degree audit is to confirm that all degree program requirements have been fulfilled. After students register for their final semester at Finlandia University, they should apply for both graduation and a degree audit.

To track progress fulfilling degree program requirements, academic progress sheets for all programs are available at the registrar's office and in the Finlandia University Catalog. For each academic program, the progress sheet lists course requirements on one side and suggested course sequence on the reverse. Each academic year, progress sheets are updated to reflect any program changes.

Students follow the progress sheet applicable to their year of entry into Finlandia University. Alternately, students may choose to follow program and degree requirements on a subsequent progress sheet. However, students may not combine requirements from progress sheets of different academic years. Students who interrupt their schooling at Finlandia University for more than one academic year forfeit the option to follow the Academic Progress Sheet of their original year of entry.

Dual Degrees

To be granted a second bachelor's degree from Finlandia University in a different program, program requirements completed for the second bachelor's degree must total at least 36 credits beyond the credits completed for the first bachelor's degree. To be granted a second associate degree in a different program, program requirements completed for the second associate degree must total at least 24 credits beyond the credits completed for the first associate degree.Graduation Contacts

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