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Grading Scale

Grades are reported to the University Registrar at midsemester and the end of each semester. Students receive mid-semester grades from their advisors. Final semester grades are mailed to each student's home address shortly after the end of the semester. Grades are reported and recorded according to the following scale:



  C   2.00
A-   3.70   C-   1.70
B+   3.30   D+   1.30
B   3.00   D   1.00
B-   2.70   D-  


C+   2.30   F  


Letter Grade Definition

I Incomplete is a temporary grade. The instructor must submit an "incomplete" contract, signed by both the student and the instructor, when the class grades are due. An incomplete grade is changed to a letter grade following the satisfactory completion of all unfinished work according to the conditions of the studentfaculty ‘incomplete' contract. If the work is not completed by the end of the semester (fall, spring, or summer) following the semester in which the incomplete grade was issued, the grade for that course becomes "F." The instructor may grant up to two additional semesters to complete the course work in documented extreme and unusual situations beyond the student's control.

P Passed successfully; completed course with equivalent of "C" or better

R Repeated course; previous completion of the same course does not affect GPA and does not count as credits earned

W Withdrawal from a course after the drop and add period through the tenth week of courses in the fall and spring semesters, and through the sixth week of courses in the summer semester; does not affect GPA and does not count as credits earned

AU Audit, no grade or credit given

CR Transfer credit (see explanation at the beginning of this section)